Trends in flavor: the exotic, natural and “always” marks the food innovation in 2019

One of the main factors that influence the purchase of a food is its flavor. Therefore, in the development of new products, innovation must be oriented towards the development of new flavors that respond to current in a sustainable manner. In this article we analyze what are the latest trends in flavors and how they have been recognized in the of the Year awards 2019. The exotic, natural and “always” marks the of .Trends in flavor 2019

The cultural factor is key in the perception of flavors by consumers. The flavors that Europeans like the most do not have to coincide with Asian or American tastes. Surprising how from small, Mexicans accept the , something unthinkable for European cultures. Although each time these new flavors are introduced before the habit of European consumption, as a result of globalization and the interest of new generations to live new experiences.

One of the great challenges in is to obtain “essences” that provide sensory characteristics in terms of taste to food to improve the palatability of food with the aim of offering new products. These have to respond to the demands of consumers and consumers. Therefore, it is essential to know your opinion, your preferences and know the trends in terms of taste.

All this must be addressed from a sustainable production, not only in the environmental sense, but for the health and palatability needs demanded by consumers, especially millennials, increasingly concerned about products with healthy properties, low in sugars, with clean labels and that are respectful with the environment.

The new, natural, exotic and “old” flavors set the trend

As we saw in the article “Growing demand for flavors and : Which are the preferred ones?”, Consumers opt for products with , but not only these.

According to Nutritional Outlook, flavor is a key factor when consumers opt for one food or another and repeat their purchase, especially new flavors and exotic ones.

In addition, according to various trend reports, foods with exotic flavors typical of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Moroccan culture are increasingly accepted by consumers and consumers. According to the McCormick’s latest Flavor Forecast report, “consumers, especially millennials, seek gastronomic experiences with exotic flavors, spicy and novel but at the same time, delicious. ”

But also the tendency indicates that the consumer looks for the flavors of always, a return to the origin, to the flavors of the childhood and “the natural thing”. Without forgetting the smoked flavors, which are increasing, from craft beers to snacks.

The commitment to “the natural” is a great challenge for companies. Offer a product in which most of the raw materials are natural (clean labels) or the demand for organic ingredients (case of sauces, creams, prepared dishes…), and also that they are healthy, “without added sugars or fats and with salt reduction “, requires a great deal of research in terms of formulating and reformulating the product and testing it with its consumers and habitual consumers to guarantee its final acceptance.

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Flavor, the main reason for the choice of foods with vegetable proteins

As we discussed in the article Foods rich in fiber set trends, consumers and consumers increasingly, concerned about their welfare, low in sugar, with nutritional and satiating. And the products with proteins of vegetable origin give solution to these three needs. According to a Mintel report, the taste of these foods is the main reason why Americans consume it.

In the case of products with healthy properties, it has been proven with product test investigations, that in order to improve the perception of the taste of foods with healthy properties, it is necessary that the consumer, through the packaging and the label, knows a priori the healthy properties of a food. In this way, the flavor perception of these foods improves.

Taste of the Year Awards 2019

As has been pointed out, the flavor is the main factor of consumer product loyalty by consumers. And the food industry must take into account their opinion and place them at the epicenter of their processes and developments. Hence the importance of being aware of taste trends.

In line with all this, MONADIA promotes the Flavor of the Year label, a seal that recognizes the good taste of the products according to the valuations in blind tastings of consumers and that in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Mexico is represented by the Global Quality Group.

The taste trends described above are replicated in these awards. Flavors of always, traditions, have been recognized in the category “creams”. Spicy flavors have also been present in the “snacks” category. Like products with natural and healthy ingredients: digestive biscuits, chips with olive oil or veggies snacks.

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If your company wants to know in a rigorous way where the trends go in terms of taste in its product category; or need to perform test analysis of their products in blind tastings, just as Taste the Year has done for their awards; or reformulate food or select appropriate raw materials in order to respond to new consumer trends, do not hesitate to contact us.

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