Top 30 Foods and Beverage Trends for 2018

Cooking your meals at home has never been as trendy as in 2018! Watch out for food trends and discover exotic in all their finesse will be completely in, as well as discovering food from elsewhere! In 2018, we reduce our consumption of meat, we seek a complete nutrition, we incorporate more plants in our diets and we go around the world via our plate! Here are the 30 to taste in trends 2018

2018 –

The ” meats ” of chickpeas, beetroot and other herbal alternatives will be on every table. In addition to being beneficial to the body, this trend is beneficial for the environment. In 2018, vegetarian charcuterie will take over the kitchens.

Food Trend 2018 –

Among the sources of protein that are currently passing – but not for long – under the radar, there are green peas! Filled with fiber and protein, green peas can be eaten as is or mashed for a dose of unsuspected nutrients easy to add to our plates.

Food Trend 2018 – Sardines

Diets that rely on the good fats found in fish meats continue to rage in 2018. The sardines, these small fish often canned, are simple to cook and full of protein. The fatty acids found there have wonderful properties for the heart.

Trendy Foods 2018 – Handmade Chinese Noodles

Hand-made Chinese noodles are among the darling foods of the year 2018 because of their low production cost and burdensome nature. We plan a getaway in Chinatown to attend their preparation.

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Food Trend 2018 – Grenada

The pomegranate surprises with its tangy and and its bright color that easily enhances drinks such as dishes. Stuffed with antioxidants, pomegranate is a fruit that deserves to be discovered. Squeeze it to collect its nutrients and minerals beneficial to health.

Food Trend 2018 – Sumac

Sumac is an oriental spice with a taste reminiscent of lemon or vinegar. Ideal for , this spice will be more and more present in the kitchens of here in 2018. Its bright red color, its particular taste and its composition rich in make it a spice to discover absolutely.

Food Trend 2018 –

The year 2018 will honor new and among these, there is black garlic. Prepared according to a Japanese method, black garlic melts in the mouth and offers a unique bouquet of flavors recalling both the taste of liquorice and that of balsamic vinegar. Its appearance and taste make it a favorite of chefs.

Food Trend 2018 – Jackfruit

Rich in potassium and dietary fiber, jackfruit, a potato-like food, is a very low starchy calorie starch. This fruit that grows in India can be consumed as is, but many chefs use it to replace pork! Its texture will be perfect for the 2018 tacos and barbecue meals.

Habanero Jam

The jam of habanero is a condiment to discover in 2018. This discovery will make the happiness of the palace of epicureans;  is considered an explosive pepper on the scale of Scoville ! Try it alongside a plate of cheese.

Piri-Piri Sauce

The peppers to prepare it grow in several African countries, but its name is Portuguese. The piri-piri sauce will be part of the line of favorite condiments 2018 thanks to its tangy flavor and ease of integration into the North American kitchen.

Black Foods

A culinary trend that will not fade in 2018 is the presence of black color on the plates. Chefs know that the look of their dish is essential, and black pasta is still intriguing. Squid ink and black sesame will be featured this year!

Vegetable Dairy Products

The “dairy products” made from plants and seeds are to be discovered this year. Try replacing regular yogurt with cashew yogurt. For just as complete nutrition, you can add a probiotic capsule to your recipe.

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The harissa will also be one of those popular condiments in 2018. This chili paste from Tunisia is easily used in almost anything. It adds to sauces, soups, sandwiches, pizzas, etc. Plus, it’s easy to prepare at home!

Dragon Fruit

Containing vitamins A and C and calcium, pitaya is an exotic fruit that will continue to gain popularity this year. Its peculiar appearance and its very sweet taste make it an easy fruit to tame and integrate into our meals.


Originally from the Middle East, fenugreek is a plant with many virtues. Its leaves are eaten in salad while its seeds can be crushed and used as a spice. This plant also has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for a long time in traditional medicine.


In the form of milk, dried or raw, coconut is a source of iron and manganese, to name just these two minerals. In 2018, the coconut will be everywhere; flakes at breakfast, milk in coffee, oil in meals. Note, however, that eating too much coconut oil increases the level of “bad” cholesterol .

Purple Vegetables

Cauliflowers, asparagus and company will be purple this year! Purple vegetables are super trendy and they will end up in many plates. Gourmet and visually appealing, they steal the limelight with green vegetables.

Swiss Chard

Packed with vitamins and minerals (vitamins A and K, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium, potassium), chard is colored and eaten raw or cooked. Add it to your sandwiches, salads and smoothies! In 2018, kale is dropped and Swiss char is opted for.

Nori Seaweed

Nori seaweed is rich in calcium, potassium and iron. In 2018, they are used in soups, salads and bowls for a good dose of vitamins and minerals combined with a salty taste.

Fried Chicken

Chicken is a complete protein source that also offers an interesting supply of vitamins and minerals. From phosphorus to zinc, vitamin B12 and vitamin D, chicken is also low in fat. That said, the trend is that in 2018, it will be tasted fried and at lunch …

New Style Spirits

The taming of flavors also goes through the drinks. Baijiu is one of those “exotic” liqueurs that are starting to be served more often in local bars and restaurants. Originally from China, this alcoholic drink could replace tequila that we already know.

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Carrot Stalks

In 2018, the concern for the preservation of the environment is reflected in a control of losses in the kitchen. What was thrown away becomes a new ingredient. Broccoli stalks, carrot leaves and beet stems are all perfect for broths and salads.

Flavored Butter

In 2016, it was announced that the “fat” was back and it seems that it will not go in 2018. Fresh herbs are now worked in many ways (cocktail, dessert, pastry … ), it is not surprising to see them be associated with butter to obtain flavored and surprising fatty substances.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a food that is full of benefits and can be incorporated daily into a healthy diet. Dark chocolate is full of fiber and magnesium, it facilitates the manufacture of serotonin and possibly promotes the production of endorphin. To be in the know in 2018, we eat dark chocolate at lunch.


Turmeric no longer needs introduction, but it remains one of the favorite oriental spices this year. A source of iron and manganese, turmeric has a very strong antioxidant power and can be used very easily in many dishes. Be careful, it stains!

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

More and more, non-alcoholic cocktails are part of regular menus and that’s good! Since alcohol is very calorific, herbal flavored soft drinks or mocktails are preferable and will continue to be popular in 2018.


As chefs are always looking for new flavors, they have recently started to cook goat meat. Goat’s milk and goat cheese will remain, but goat meat will be added to our menus!

Grain Pasta

Pasta made from quinoa, chickpeas and more will become the norm in 2018. Exit gluten, instead of proteins and minerals! The rising popularity of vegetarianism and veganism will transform the world of pasta this year.

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