The 10 Food Trends for 2019 – Some Ideas Of A Healthy And Tasty Diet

The 10 FOOD trends of 2019… a healthy but – For 2019 the food will be healthy but tasty, that’s what the Pinterest portal says, and they know what they’re talking about, the food and drinks part is the most active category with more than 19 billion ideas shared in 2018 on the site.

In 1 year, the site has seen a 46% increase in publications for food and beverage categories, which is to say the craze for the world of food, the image traffic on smartphones and tablets can detect the trends that are emerging for the coming year.

1. FryingFood Trends for 2019

Frying is coming back, crispness is in fashion, even if fat is more and more discouraged for health. The French fries are a bestseller, and in many cuisines, especially Asian frying is unavoidable. (+ 809% of publications)

2. The SoupFood Trends for 2019

Nourishing, tasty, it is a universal dish, in all the kitchens, all the countries, all the countries, the soup exists. Hot or cold gaspacho way, it reigns all generations, so even if at one time it was out of fashion, it comes back in strength, it is part of the collective memory, it reassures, it is good. (+ 306% of publications)

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3. The Food Trends for 2019

The coffee never stops animating the canvas, drinking coffee becomes an almost artistic ritual, choosing a good coffee is a test of taste, the arrival on the public market of by origin has makes this little grain a precious beverage. But it is the coffee flavor that carries the trends, the coffee in all sauces, in all forms, it is sufficient that the scent of roasted coffee is present. And yet many forecasts indicate the disappearance of coffee plantations because of global warming and overconsumption, so enjoy now as long as there is still time. (+ 218% of publications)

4. The North African And Middle East SpicesFood Trends for 2019

They become fashionable at once, these spices grown and used in the kitchen of the countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East. Especially cumin, saffron, cardamom, coriander, paprika… they awaken the taste buds, and bring you on a journey. Can you escape?… certainly not, especially as in countries like France, couscous is one of the favorite dishes of the population. (+ 2579% of publications)

5. Plant ProteinFood Trends for 2019

Meat is no longer the only source of protein, instead of seeds, lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, hemp, flax, split peas… whether they are lean or medium, they provide energy, punch, taste to your diet… and in addition they are good for health and you avoid consuming too much animal protein that is known carcinogenic. (+ 471% of publication)

6. The Square SaucesFood Trends for 2019

So, it’s a surprise, but the hot sauces set fire, they animate the publications, we love them, we love their packaging, we love to discover them and make them taste. And the more it heats, the more we like it. Hot sauces, especially Korean condiments are becoming popular, 2019 may surprise you. (+ 222% of publications)

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7. The Lactose FreeFood Trends for 2019

This is a necessity for some who make it an intolerance, but it is mostly a trend that takes hold, many publications in the press inform about the health of dairy products. So the trend of lactose-free starts to create communities of consumers, soy milk will carry the race? (+ 155% of publications)

8. MocktailsFood Trends for 2019

You do not know what this word means?… normal, we call it in France non-alcoholic cocktails. They continue to find a place in the world of bars, it is increasingly easy to drink cocktails without alcohol in bars without going for an original. Indeed more and more bars now offer real alcohol-free cocktails on the cards, finished the orange juice, today cocktails become original and natural. (+ 155% of publications)

9. Desserts Without Animal ProductFood Trends for 2019

It may become a strong trend in the coming years, but it is not easy yet to find foods that can replace butter, milk, cream, eggs… but many pastry chefs get used to it, the plant is likely to impose itself on a few niches of vegan and organic establishments. (+ 329% of publications)

10. The SnacksFood Trends for 2019

Finished greasy chips and peanuts too salty, place edamame, split peas, chickpeas, beans, pistachios, snack lovers at the time of the appetizer are also seeds. Often coated and spicy, as with wasabi, they garnish bowls that accompany glasses in chic bars, and social aperitifs. (+ 273% of publications)

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