Gastronomic Trends for 2019: Fusion of Flavors, Japanese Taverns and Green Shots

The flavors of this year bring us closer to the most remote cultures, according to the report that makes each yearGastronomic Trends for 2019

In 2019 we set out to merge the farthest cuisines in the gastronomic map

As every year, McCormick analyze the culinary trends that will mark the year in his report ‘Trends in Flavors‘. In 2019 we set out to merge the farthest cuisines in the gastronomic map, we let ourselves be seduced by eating in the streets, by adopting spices from distant countries, by sitting around a hot pot and by .

Fusion of flavorsGastronomic Trends for 2019

Never like now, we have had at our fingertips a whole universe of flavors, in every corner, in every food stall. This fusion of cuisines, this global gastronomy, this taste at street level are tendencies that emerge with more forces in this 2019.

Thus, in the street imagination is unleashed, in the markets and are mixing tasty fillings with crepes, buns and unique breads to offer delicious urban food that is tasted with your hands:

In the street the imagination is unleashed, in the markets and food stalls are mixing flavors of the most

The Union between Gyro and Arepa

The arepas are taco and sandwich hybrids that nobody should miss. Fill these crunchy corn tortillas with strips of meat, and tzatziki hot sauce to create a wonderful combination of the best flavors and textures of South America and Greece.

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Bollitos Bao Dulces

In China, these soft steamed buns are usually served with salted fillings. In this case, with simple dough and classic pie fillings, you can create the perfect dessert to eat with your hands – like a Baox banoffee style with caramel sauce.

Asian crepes with crispy eggs

The egg crepes are exactly that – eggs and pancake dough cooked together and then stuffed and rolled up like a Mexican burrito. These Asian wraps can be filled with regional American flavors, such as smoked pork, coleslaw and sour sauce for a Southern twist.

All around the potGastronomic Trends for 2019

The tendency to gather around a pot arises strongly

The tendency to gather around a pot arises with force. It is fashionable to sit around a smoky and let the diners themselves cook while they chat, it is on the rise.

The versatility of this East Asian dish allows meat, seafood or vegetables to be dipped in the broth, but it also lends itself to complementing them with touches of other cultures, delving into this fashionable fusion.

Green shotsGastronomic Trends for 2019

Stimulating breakfasts, snack soups and vegetable drinks are a clear

That green is fashionable is not new, but if what we do in drinking the vegetables, the fruits in shots of spicy colors, then we are talking about a trend for this 2019.

Stimulating breakfasts, snack soups and glasses to end the day offer based on revitalizing ingredients such as cucumber, dandelion, ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper. To wake up, be charged with energy, regain balance and, above all, enjoy.

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Long live Japanese tavernsGastronomic Trends for 2019

The Izakayas – Japanese gastropubs – offer informal tasting dishes similar to Spanish tapas

Once the fashion of sushi has settled, another trend is emerging in the unstoppable advance of . The Izakayas – Japanese gastropubs – offer informal tasting dishes similar to Spanish tapas. With their daring glazes, sour sauces and seaweed-based sauces, these dishes are real explosions of flavor that are sweeping gastronomic trends.

Thus, the onigiri, rice-filled balls that are served in practically all the izakayas of Japan are sweeping like a delicious tapa. The yakitori glaze with miso and sake turns a chicken or seafood skewer into a special bite.

Snacks from East Africa

East Africa is a reserve of flavors, its mixture of spices, its marinated or sauces from Tanzania and Ethiopia are conquering the world.

For example, the Berber seasoning, the most popular in Ethiopia, contains a variety of spices such as paprika, allspice, cilantro, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and red pepper. Its spicy, sweet and citrus flavor is perfect for chicken and meat stews, as well as lentils and vegetables.

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