Dishes and Foods that are Trend in 2019

Fully immersed in the New Year, it is worth asking what aspects will mark the new demands of our customers. And, in parallel, analyze if our business is prepared to offer a adapted to the new lifestyle.foods trend 2019

Knowing the trends in food and beverages for 2019 allows us to identify new or the development of new dishes.

In 2019, natural consumption, sustainable and transparent, will cease to be an exclusive and luxury philosophy, to be daily and widespread. Yes, personal care and the planet is the strongest trend, as a response to the stressful and frenetic modern life.

And that is what will also determine the new demands of customers, which can be summarized in these tips:

1. Directly from the sea

A few months ago, the kale was raised to the podium of the superfoods, but by 2019, the seaweed, those vegetables from the sea, have won the pulse. With its high concentration of minerals and trace elements, they begin to be a common component in salads, and as an ingredient even in pastries and bakeries. The emergence of ramen has increased its popularity and its easy use and taste, make them an ideal food to include in your menu.

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2. A trip to Africa

After the Asian food boom, the next destination is North Africa and the Middle East. Beyond the hummus or the falafel, one of the trends is aimed at investigating their gastronomic proposals, which have much to offer. Among them, highlights shakshuka, means ‘all mixed’ in Arabic and is a dish that is prepared with stewed tomatoes, spices and poached eggs.

3. The boom of the plants

Restaurants do not have to become vegetarians, vegans or flexitarians, but to count on their offer with dishes made with vegetables, fruits, seaweed or cereals: those that also have dishes made with 100% organic products and proximity, will be the kings From the market.

4. The natural thing

Regarding meat options, the consumption of slow-growing poultry and animals, whose production is based on less aggressive processes, will prevail. Do not forget to highlight it in your gastronomic proposals!

5. Desserts

Of course, those restaurants with recipe options “without” refined sugar, gluten, lactose, caffeine, etc. they will set trends

6. Trash Cooking

The healthy cuisine and the desire to reduce waste define the current gastronomy and, it is precisely along this line, that trash cooking is born.

It is about taking advantage of foods like casquería, parts of the meat that normally are not used and stems or cuts of vegetables, with which to elaborate new dishes to include them in our menu.

7. Spices and seeds

Without a doubt, by changing the spices we completely change the flavor of the dish. If we can easily buy flavors of the East, now the turmeric will star in both the dishes and drinks like coffee.

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And beyond white sesame, now black will be the most popular and will be present in both sushis or vinaigrettes but also in stews or desserts due to its somewhat toasted contribution reminiscent of a dried fruit.

8. And if we think about drinks…

The serum of yogurt, kombucha, ginger beer, coconut kefir or barley grains used in brewing, promises to generate in these months a wide range of beverages beneficial to health.

Although trying new things is becoming a trend, sometimes it is hard to decide on these novel proposals. Therefore, it is interesting to add tasting options in your menu if you want to ensure success and increase the dissemination of some of your dishes.

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