2019 Gastronomic Trends That Will Change the Hospitality Industry

The demands of consumers change over time. Who yesterday asked in your restaurant for a heavy plate and a lot of meat, today you demand a salad with . The change of mentality in society, as well as fashions, determines the success or failure of a business. For that reason, it is important that you know the gastronomic trends of 2019 that we indicate in to anticipate the demands of your customers.gastronomic trends of 2019

Notes On The Gastronomic Trends Of 2019

has just presented its IV Innovations Guide in the Horeca channel. In this report, he launches positive expectations towards the hospitality industry and a series of gastronomic trends in 2019 that the consumer will demand.

No matter how much the gastronomy changes, offering fresh and quality products will continue to be a successful component.

Whether you are opening a bar or updating your menu, you must have these forecasts to be uploaded to the kitchen innovation car. Let’s see what it is about.

The World Wants To Be Healthy

“She leads a healthy life, walks 30 minutes a day and eats in a balanced way.” The WHO councils are followed by more and more people. You also have to take into account the number of people who manifest some type of food allergy. Celiacs, lactose intolerant, diabetics… one in four households reported having a member with some intolerance.

Include in your menu other options (vegetarian, gluten-free…) can mean an increase in customers who visit you. Get new audiences with a more varied letter.

More and more these and consumers are looking for healthy products or detox, so to include them in your menu should be a very option to consider this 2019. In your restaurant, you can respond to this gastronomic concern in three ways:

  • Lighter menus. The presence of fruits and vegetables in the meals is imposing itself with force. They seem to have left behind those roadside meals with sausages, eggs and potatoes. Today’s rhythm requires less heavy dishes that do not require three hours of digestion. A tendency related to this is brunch, mid-morning meal of a single dish.
  • Superfoods! Quinoa, chia, spelled… maybe you’ll hear these names if your environment is a bit hipster. These are considered “superfoods”, ingredients that have properties beyond the ordinary, with lots of vitamins or beneficial proteins for our body. Although there are with peculiar names, sardines, nuts or olive oil are other of these foods, much easier to find and include in your menu.
  • Special dishes. No, we are not referring to the specialty of the house. One of the gastronomic trends in 2019 does not go with a lifestyle but with the commitment to the allergic and intolerant. Include gluten-free bread or meals that do not have certain components will make your place more attractive to a certain audience.
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, besides taking care of the health of your customers, will turn your restaurant into a small reference in the sector locally. If you really want to differentiate yourself from the competition, get breast with your .

Healthy recipes for your restaurant

How are we going to skip some healthy recipes that you can include in your restaurant? We have made a brief review of our cooking manuals and we are going to give you a series of healthy recipes for your restaurant. We have found some that are easy to make and put in your letter. So you will not have to incorporate anything extraordinary in your inventory to make them:

  • Avocado salad. Avocado, the star product of recent years, has millions of culinary applications. Well, maybe not so many. The fact is that the avocado salad is a simple, delicious and incredibly satisfying product. What do you need? You only need tomato, mozzarella, basil and, obviously, an avocado. Peel, cut, add salt and oil and that’s it!
  • Cream of pumpkin and nuts. One of the most top dishes of autumn. Using both products of the season, you will also have a delicious and most suggestive combination. You just have to pass the pumpkin by the blender and the nuts by the opener. Of course, serve hot.
  • Lentil Burger. Nobody will leave this dish made with lentils. Vegetarian burgers are still a recommended option if you serve this type of dishes. In this case, the lentil is a superfood that, in addition to iron, provides a lot of fiber to our body. And yes, it’s also a hamburger, it’s a joy to taste.
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Who said that offering healthy food had to be complicated or extravagant? Avocado, pumpkin and lentils will always be allies in your kitchen.

Offer Experiences

For some years now, more and more clients demand not only an exemplary service and some good dishes. That they take for granted. Now, most of the clientele is looking for your restaurant to offer something else. The gastronomic trends of 2019 indicate that your customers will increasingly look for:

  • New concepts. The fusion cuisine is fashion. How many restaurants will exist in your city with Mexican and Indian food, and probably the owner is not from any of those countries. In your restaurant, offering a breakthrough concept can be very attractive and attractive factor. Do not you dare with the dishes? Take a blender, milk, various ingredients and mix! Life in shake always tastes better.
  • Another form of consumption. Modern life prevents many of your customers have time to sit in your restaurant to eat. Therefore, models such as take away or home delivery are increasingly used by the hotel business.
  • Culinary events. The complex world of marketing is something to invest your time. Organizing contests or meetings in your restaurant or with your local as a promoter can give you clients and, better, turn them into promoters.
  • Table for one. Like it or not, the single world is making its way into our society. More and more people are betting on their individualism, or simply want to pay homage to themselves. In this case, as a hotelier, you should worry about this client. Offers special plans for one, take-away food, etc. Who knows, maybe your place is characterized by attracting the public that asks only for itself…

The Sustainable Restaurant

Among the gastronomic trends of 2019, this is one of the most striking and relevant. Betting on the commitment to the environment will allow you to stand out among the competition. But how to do it? In Hospitality we indicate two factors that can help you:

  • Respect for the environment. From ecological packages in your home delivery to organic products, there are a thousand things you can do. Environmental care can be a sign of your local, regardless of the type of restaurant that is. Giants of restoration like McDonald’s have opted for eco-friendly paper and use less waste. If they, as a great company, have done it, in your business it has to be much easier to implement.
  • Proximity products. The purchase of local ingredients -cultivated or extracted near your restaurant- is an irresistible attraction for many. As much for the geographical reference as for freshness, it is always an incentive to take into account for your menus and one of the gastronomic trends in 2019.
  • Do not throw away the food. One of the gastronomic trends that are prevailing in the new times is not to throw food. Well, or throw the least possible. You can remind your customers that they can take what they leave on the plate, or make donations of surplus products to the Food Bank. A good strategy that will also help improve your social environment.
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These are just some ideas that you can put in place during 2019. However, if you want to have effective and solvent advice, you can count on Hospitality. Our card design and the reconceptualization of business are just two of our services. We have a team trained and experienced in all areas of hospitality, so we can give you a comprehensive help.

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