15 Main Food Trends Of 2019

Every year that begins brings with it a lot of predictions. What will be eaten in 2019? What will be the main gastronomic trends in the food sector throughout this year? To find out, read this …

Zero Zero Food Waste

Several chefs like already advocated it, but the concern was always big: what do we do when the expiry date of the food is short and the fridge is full? The industry finally addressed this challenge and the has developed a technology to increase the shelf life of fresh foods by up to three times. Called HPP (Hydro Protective Process), this green and health-safe technology (which involves dipping a packaged food into a cold-water basin with hydrostatic compression of 87,000 psi) destroys microorganisms. in food. Already more than a dozen food companies use this process and others will quickly follow suit. These HPP foods are recognized by a blue sticker that shows a drop of water. Let’s bet that this will become very popular, since the foods will be preserved much longer.

Food RecoveryFood Recovery

Always with the idea of fighting food waste, chefs and diet gurus give us a thousand and one ways to reuse our leftovers and serve them beautifully. Faded vegetables, slightly overripe fruits or tired herbs can give you great meals when you know how to pick them up. There are a few recipe books to give us ideas such as Daniel Vézina’s “Thoughtless Cooking – Eat Well Without Eating,” published by Éditions La Presse. Like what, we can do little wonders by recovering his leftovers and bits of vegetables!

Hotter Than Ever!Fermented Foods

We had already begun to take interest in previous years, but this year it will be the apotheosis! Different brands of kombucha will be marketed, and each market or restaurant will have its own fermented foods. As an example, we will see more kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, tempeh, kefir, but also carrots and cream, and many other foods fermented, cooked and offered to customers. The idea is to consume the least possible and increase its probiotics to improve its immune system.

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The Vintage (Again!)Food Trends Of 2019

In the same vein, the virtues of raw foods are more and more popular both at the restaurant and in the recipes of cookbooks. Vegetables, meats, , nuts of all kinds, all the food goes on! This trend comes especially from the United States and especially from California. She was popularized by Hollywood stars like Demi Moore but especially Gwyneth Paltrow who became a little priestess with her bestseller  My recipe book, where she advocates food without cooking. Note that the lack of cooking helps to better preserve nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, vitamins …). So why deprive yourself?

More Transparency on Trade LabelsTrade Labels

Since 2015, the Canadian government has required merchants to provide a clearer list of ingredients on food packaging sold in : a measure to help the public “make choices”. But we also become more aware of where the food comes from, the ingredients that make it up and whether or not it has been genetically manipulated. The government is challenged: when will the identification of genetically modified products? The pressure of the population, wanting to know what is on their plate, could well result in strict laws aimed at more transparency.

More “Natural” FoodsNatural foods

More than ever the consumer is trying to avoid nitrites, sulphites, carcinogens, etc. He’s calling for a healthy diet. As a result, the industry will be introducing new foods that are free or reduced to ingredients that are considered harmful to health, and will not be hiding on labels. Marketing requires.

The Growing Popularity Of “Bowls”bowls foods

In 2019 to be “in”, you have to eat in a bowl! Whether it’s a poke bowl, a ramen bowl, a pasta bowl, a buddha bowl, a cereal bowl or a smoothie bowl, we all want to eat them, so it’s well presented!

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The Fight Against Sugarsugar

There was the fight against fat, and now the first enemy to eradicate is sugar. Recent studies show that high sugar consumption significantly increases the risk of cancer and has a very negative impact on metabolism. Particularly, sugar is added in processed products.

Alternatives to Allergenic FoodsAlternatives to Allergenic Foods

As the number of people with or allergies grows, the industry responds. We are witnessing an explosion of new products resulting from the innovation and research and development of certain companies. From milk-free ice cream, completely vegan, to gluten-free breads, to products like biscuits free of nuts, eggs, and even flour. This is a lot of new products that will please many people and avoid many inconveniences.

The Super PowdersSuper Powders

The multiplication of “super-powders” is a background trend. By “super-powders” we mean, concentrates of super foods such as turmeric, acai, green tea, certain kinds of mushrooms, etc. Not only do they contain great properties that are useful for health, they are also used to enhance the taste of certain foods and dishes. Already, several innovative chefs are using them to create delicious little masterpieces with attractive colors.

Insects on the MenuInsects on the Menu

We are definitely looking for new sources of protein. Insects appear more and more as a sensible choice on many levels. Low in fat, they exist in large quantities and can be found everywhere. Already in Mexico for example, chefs emeritus cook with insects little culinary delights. New on our shelves here: insect powders to enhance your cocktails or dishes. A first insect farm was even established in Frelighsburg. Their products will soon flood the shelves of our grocery stores and the shelves of the chefs of our restaurants.

The End of the Reign of Plastic BagsPlastic Bags

Who touches food, even if it is not directly, the ban on plastic bags in grocery stores. The target date for full containment of these bags would be the 1 st June 2019, but in Montreal several grocery stores have already applied the law. Fight against waste, green gesture, all the reasons are good to change habits.

Ready-To-Eat Boxes Delivered To Your HomeFood Trends Of 2019

A big trend started in 2017: ready-to-eat box delivery directly to the home. Whether it’s Jérôme Ferrer’s Chef’s Box, Miss Fresh’s Boxes, Good Food Market, Foodie trip to …, etc. the concept is the same: ready-made meals of all kinds await you on the website of these companies. Ideal when you are in a hurry and you do not want to eat at the restaurant.

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Online GroceriesOnline Groceries

This year, if you’re in the know, you’ll order your online grocery store from your favorite market. Whether Metro, which has just launched its grocery online, April or Rachelle-Béry, all markets are now involved in this new way of offering product sales service. Items can be delivered directly to your home or you can have them ready and pick them up at the store directly. A nice time saver!

Vegan OptionsVegan Options

The trend is definitely to reduce meat consumption for better health. We do not completely eliminate the meat, but we try to find other sources of proteins that go more to the vegetable and vary at the same time menus. Protein options are multiplying on the market and their taste is improving. We think of products that are easily eaten in burgers, in sauce, but also in stir-fries.

Watch for in 2019: The arrival of Canada’s new Food Guide raises many expectations. It is already known that the recommended weekly servings of meat have been considerably reduced. It’s a safe bet that the dietitians who designed this guide will be in line with our food trends announced for 2019!

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