13 Commandments of New Food Trends 2019

New Food Trends 2019It may seem surprising, but in food, haute couture and hairdressing, there are trends that change periodically, which guide and influence our daily consumption and our . Certainly there will be “basics” timeless pieces, “has been”, “must have” and “absolutly outdated”. Eating becomes an aesthetic experience and you will not escape. So what should you eat right now to be a “fashionista of the plate”? Here are the new culinary trends. Some are full of promises of tastes, exoticism, others will bring you closer to the house and locavorism (eating locally).

1. New Food Trends 2019

Tofu, tempeh, beans, lentils, vegan dumplings made from bulgur or quinoa, oat milk or hazelnuts… long reserved for vegetarians, these protein source products will have an increasingly important place in our plates to replace meats and fish. Initiated by the vegetarian current, this diet is much more than a passing fad but a real food revolution. The vegetable proteins provide great nutritional variety, reduce the risk of diseases related to of meat (cancers, hypercholesterolemia…) in addition to preserving the environment and respect animal life.

The desserts will also be more and more vegans. Eggs and dairy products can be easily replaced with vegetable ingredients such as applesauce or mashed sweet potatoes.

2. The seaweedsNew Food Trends 2019

It is the sushi and the maki that have brought the seaweed to the light. Thanks to their flavors and their benefits, they have conquered the hearts of gourmets and our plates on a daily basis. Nori, Kombu, Wakame, sea lettuce abalone and salicorne… they are in all 250 varieties authorized for consumption in France and are available in salads, in soups, in accompaniment, in pesto, or in green smoothie with kombu and matcha, and even in some desserts.

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3. Super-powdersNew Food Trends 2019

Ready to use and full of benefits, super-food powders mix with a glass of milk or a little water, or sprinkle on a dish or salad. You will discover the powders of maca (a tuber of Latin America), chaga (a mushroom) and spirulina on the stalls of , but also turmeric and cocoa, Matcha tea and kale powder. You will make smoothies, super-lattes or add them in your cakes to bring vitamins, minerals and surprising tastes.

4. Gourmet flowersNew Food Trends 2019

The floral flavors have been appearing for some years in some menus of “haute cuisine”. Now, they are democratized and invite themselves into our dishes, our bowls of soups, our salads but also in drinks (sparkling water with rose, tea with orange blossom, cocktails with violet syrup). The are one of the biggest today. Dare to “Lavender Latte” (latte coffee with lavender), beverages with elderflower or hibiscus, geranium scented oil or nasturtiums in a soup of squash… The flowers will bring a real added value taste and nutritious to your dishes.

5. The mushrooms superpuissantsNew Food Trends 2019

Safe , the mushroom is confirmed as a long-term food trend . It will be found in all forms, even in infused tea. Reishi, chag and cordyceps, will compete with the classic mushrooms of Paris, oyster mushroom, chanterelle, pied bleu, ferland… Their umami flavor will enhance soups and dishes and enrich them with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

6. The coconut oil

Oil health par excellence, it will be found in grocery stores side by side with more conventional oils, but also in consumer products: a coco-mango vinaigrette here, canned tuna in the coconut oil and margarine with coconut oil full of omega 3.

7. Fermented foods stay on track

Appreciated by all the gurus of healtyh fooding and honored by naturopaths, fermented foods confirm their success in the plates and menus of large tables. Their contributions in probiotics make them “must have” of the culinary panoply. Kimchi Korean (fermented Chinese cabbage), Japanese miso (soy paste), kefir (milk drink) but also sauerkraut or gherkins will continue to do good to our palates and intestines for a long time.

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8. The Middle East on the plate

Tabouleh, hummus, pita, falafel have been a part of our daily life for a few years, but we are now seeing more traditional dishes and flavors more typical of the Middle East. On the program: Persian, Moroccan, Syrian and Lebanese recipes. Cardamom, zaatar but also harissa and tahini (sesame paste) will brighten your tables next to the Iranian Chelow Kabb and Zereshk Polow, the Tunisian chakchouka, Syrian Daoud Bacha kofta and the Lebanese baba ghannouj.

9. The bowl trendNew Food Trends 2019

You will not escape: you will enjoy life in bowl, this is the big trend. The concept is not new, Asians have been practicing it for centuries in different forms: Vietnamese Bo bun, Korean bibimbap or Japanese chirashi. Right now, Brazil’s Acai Bowl, a smoothie made from acai berry from Amazonia, is rich in antioxidants, fiber, calcium, iron and magnesium. The Buddha Bowl or (buddha’s belly) is a totally vegetarian balance concentrate that combines in a bowl, all components of a balanced dish: 25% , 40% vegetables and whole grains. But the bowling star comes from Hawaii, it’s the Poké bowl. His images have invaded Instagram but also all culinary blogs. A dish that is healthy, pretty and tasty. It typically consists of small dice of raw marinated fish, thin slices of fresh vegetables, and rice or quinoa. A dish, light end and you can achieve very easily.

10. Oil-free frying

Always in the healthy trend, we ban oil baths and we opt for oven fries, hot-air fryers or in a dehydrator oven to limit the use of fats while having fun with beet chips and oven fries.

11. Ghee: a butter that comes from India

It’s a clarified butter. To prepare ghee, simply heat the butter over low heat to separate the fat, water, lactose and milk proteins. It is ideal for people who are lactose intolerant. It has a fine hazelnut taste and can be kept at room temperature in an airtight jar.

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12. The Mocktails

The is confirmed, the mocktail, literally “false cocktail” in English, refers to soft drinks. If he was confined to blends of fruit juice and soda for years, he is now the “star of bars”. Are emerging amazing specialties and shifted flavors, made from , tea or infusions of herbs, floral waters, spices and flavored aerated waters sipping bubbles without moderation or guilt.

13. More flavors and less sugarNew Food Trends 2019

Culinary enemy number 1, far ahead of the fat, sugar is the ingredient to banish, or at least reduce drastically. Recent studies unanimously show that sugar increases the risks of metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. The Slow Sugar trend, therefore, advocates replacing sugar with naturally sweetened fruit, root or vegetable derivatives. Sugar will be discarded in favor of honey, stevia, coconut sugar, agave syrup, corn syrup, rice syrup, rapadura (the integral sugar of sugar cane) or birch sap.

The food trend is therefore oriented towards a healthier, more responsible consumption, with less food waste, more healthy foods, more tastes, more distant flavors, but also more vegetables from the kitchen garden, and more traceability and transparency in the labels. More than eating, the trend of the moment is to feed in confidence, taking care of one’s health and environment.

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