12 Flavors and Gastronomic Concepts That Are and Will Be Trend This 2019

Have you heard about ? And about dishes or ingredients like baos, kimchi, Tempe and kefir lime? And about monothematic restaurants? Today I come to tell you about flavors and gastronomic concepts that are and will be trend this 2019.

After reading so much, seeing and sharing information about food every day (and all day), I wanted to open a new section on the blog, this time on gastronomic trends.

I know that I am not (nor pretend to be) any guru on the subject, but as you know, I love sharing about the things I see and learn. At the end of the day that’s a blog, is not it?

To inaugurate this section I bring you a collection of 12 flavors and gastronomic concepts that are and will be trend this 2019. Maybe you have already heard about some, or maybe not. There are concepts that have been circulating around Europe for some time, but that have not yet reached with such force, and vice versa. In short, this list is a collection of trends that have caught my attention in recent months of much reading and culinary experiences.

I hope you like it, here we go!

1. The boom of the Flavors and Gastronomic Trends 2019

The Buddha Bowls have begun to flood the networks with their colorful and appetizing appearance based on , becoming one of the dishes of the moment.

A Buddha Bowl is a healthy and simple alternative that tries to combine grains, proteins, vegetables and nuts or seeds in a single dish. It is also common to add some type of to make the dish even more attractive.

The good thing about this dish (besides being rich and healthy) is that the possibilities of combinations are endless. You just need a little imagination and try to make your dish as colorful as possible based on fresh and .

If you want some ideas from Buddha Bowls, I invite you to review this board in pinterest to fill yourself with inspiration and run to prepare one.

And if you like the concept of eating in a Bowl, I invite you to see the Poke recipe (Hawaiian dish) and this delicious and fresh Vietnamese Bowl recipe.

2. FermentedFlavors and Gastronomic Trends 2019

Around here they arrived, we do not know if to stay or just as a passing fad… (I vote for the first option).

The truth is that on the eastern side of the planet the fermented ones have been part of the local gastronomy for thousands of years. And without going too far the sauerkraut ( in vinegar and spices) has been consuming for many generations of homes in Germany, in the region of Alsace (France), Poland and Russia.

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The kimchi, which is bursting with force, is a fermented (usually Chinese cabbage) seasoned with spices, very popular in Korean cuisine, so much so that it was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Its flavor is salty and spicy and has a strong smell and flavor. (I’ve tried it a couple of times and I love it).

On the other hand we also see the arrival of kombucha, a based on sweetened tea fermented by a colony of microorganisms, with a disputed origin between China, Korea and Russia. Also, and in a more incipient way, the tempeh from the fermentation of soy and very popular in the cuisine of Indonesia, has begun to appear as an alternative to the classic tofu. (You can read about the latter in this post about Indonesian cuisine).

The tendency, in addition to including the fermented ones as ingredients in dishes, is to elaborate them in a homemade way.

In Barcelona they make a fermented workshop, taught by Rooftop Smoke House, where you can learn how to make your own pickles and fermented at home. (I’m dying to learn!)

3. Dishes made with Flavors and Gastronomic Trends 2019

It is not new that matcha tea is fashionable on this side of the world. And the latest trend related to this Asian product is to include its flavor and color in various preparations.

Matcha tea is a ground green tea originally from China and very popular in the cuisine of Japan and Korea. In Japan it is the tea that is used in the popular Japanese tea ceremony.

Its intense green color serves as a natural coloring, and is used mostly in sweet preparations. There are many confectioners who are using it in classic recipes such as crepes, tiramisús, cakes and muffins, among others. The popular tasty and tastemade websites have published several videos where this product is used, such as this matcha tea cheesecake or this delicious matcha crepe cake.

4. Monothematic restaurants and pastry shopsFlavors and Gastronomic Trends 2019

In recent years they have been opening around the world (and soon you will see them everywhere): it is the monothematic restaurants and patisseries where a certain star product is offered that is replicated in different versions and / or with different accompaniments.

Some examples of this trend are the newly opened The Avocado Show in Amsterdam (with the avocado as a star product present in all the preparations of the menu), The Meatball Shop, a restaurant specializing in meatballs in New York and the Cereal Lovers (where they sell more than 150 varieties of cereals) in Madrid.

5. BaosFlavors and Gastronomic Trends 2019

Have you seen those white, fluffy breads that are cooked in steamers and are turning the nets? Those, for those who do not know them, are called baos, delicious Asian steamed breads The Baos have their origin in China and are very popular within the street cuisine, where generally are filled with meat and vegetables, accompanied with some sauce.

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Although in Europe they burst with force in 2016 in Latin America they are just arriving, and I dare to say that very soon you will see them in several places of your city.

The blog Espacio Culinario has just published the recipe for Bao Buns for those who dare to prepare them at home. And if you want to go to a delicious place to try them, I recommend the Bao Bar in Barcelona.

6. Homemade milks and yogurtsFlavors and Gastronomic Trends 2019

First was the soy milk, then began to popularize the milk of almonds, rice, oatmeal, etc, etc..

And now the trend is to prepare milk and yogurt in your home and avoid consuming the processed products of the supermarket that ultimately have little health and the main ingredient they claim to contain.

If you are interested in the subject, I leave these recipes with lots of information from the blog The Simple Life to learn how to prepare almond milk and this one to make vegan coconut yogurt.

7. Explosion of the use of spices and seedsFlavors and Gastronomic Trends 2019

Turmeric, ginger, cardamom, curry, cinnamon,…

Seeds of cumin, mustard, nigella, black sesame…

And these are just to name some of the spices that are bursting with force in the kitchens of the western side and that bring a lot of flavor and aroma to the dishes.

If you are interested in learning about the use of spices, I recommend the book Soul Spices by Anjalina Chugani.

I am quite involved in the subject and lately I have incorporated the use of spices in several of my recipes, such as this aromatic cake of carrot, yogurt and spices and this delicious sweet potato soup with coconut milk and ginger

8. Low temperature cooking (Sous-vide) from the restaurant to the house

Although this method exists a long time ago and is quite used in haute cuisine, today there is the possibility of doing it at home without major complications.

Sous-vide, which in French means “vacuum”, is a cooking method that maintains the integrity of food by cooking for long periods at low temperatures. This method uses airtight plastic bags that are submerged in hot water below its boiling point.

To cook at low temperature you need to be able to control the temperature of the water by means of a thermocirculating device. The good news is that, because of this trend, they are making these devices smaller and more accessible.

If you are interested in learning a little more about this method, I recommend you read this post, and if you want some recipes, I recommend you go for a blog At low temperature, where you will find some recipes and tips for cooking using this method.

9. Waste 0

There are more and more people and movements that make us aware of the amount of food that is wasted every day in the world. And trends such as trashcooking (cooking using leftovers) or zero waste (reduction of food waste) are taking more and more strength.

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Under this idea have emerged projects such as supermarkets (now present in the United Kingdom and Germany) where it is possible to buy expired food but still in good condition at low prices, and campaigns where you try to make people understand that the bad aspect does not It influences the taste of fruits and vegetables.

Movements such as The Real Junk Food Projec t or Disco Sopa Chile aim to raise awareness in the population, through various projects, about the waste of food in the world.

10. Use of Asian products in the home kitchenFlavors and Gastronomic Trends 2019

This 2019 we continue experiencing a strong arrival of Asian products.

Products such as pak choi (the one in the photo), kaffir lime, tempeh and jackfruit are starting to be seen and used more and more in the kitchen, and not only in restaurants, but also in the homes of amateur chefs.

For my part, kaffir lime leaves, widely used in Thai cooking, are my new favorite discovery to flavor curries, soups and rice dishes.

11. Alternative pastaFlavors and Gastronomic Trends 2019

What if we make quinoa pasta? And why not lentils or chickpeas?

The gluten-free trend has given rise to new pasta alternatives suitable for celiacs. And although I have many objections against this anti-gluten trend, I find it interesting that there are now pastas based on various ingredients, not just flour and eggs.

Under this same trend is to make noodles based on vegetables. And thanks to the new and practical appliances on the market, such as this Spiral Vegetable Cutter, you can quickly transform your vegetables into spaghetti. The most popular (which is plaguing instagram) is the zoodle, based on Italian zucchini (zucchini).

12. Specialty coffeeGastronomic Trends for 2019

“A coffee is defined as a specialty when we know and appreciate all the links of its process, from the passion and knowledge of the coffee grower, through the hand harvest, roasting and skill of the barista.” (Excerpt from Coffee & Brunch Barcelona. I invite you to read the full post that explains about the specialty coffee and the current movement in the city of Barcelona)

There is increasing receptivity and interest on the part of the consumer to know where the products they consume come from. And under this context, specialty coffee has begun to become a space within the coffee world, where the processed products of large companies still reign.

Did you like this post? Did you know all these concepts and flavors? Do you think any trend is missing from this list? I invite you to leave a comment and share it with your friends who love the new trends.

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