10 Gastronomic Trends for 2019

Each year the trends in change. If the year 2018 has been all about fusion, maximum use and plankton, 2019 will come with its own news. Health care and the search for a balanced diet will be the main trends in 2019.Gastronomic Trends for 2019

10 gastronomic trends for 2019

Neither nor sugar

If in 2018 we have seen a boom in low-carbohydrate and , in 2019 these products will become popular. Especially in snacks, great sources of fat and carbohydrates. They will take , made from vegetables.

Turmeric becomes queen

Each year a spice wins the heart of the kitchen. In 2018 turmeric has been breaking through to be crowned in 2019 as essential. Little by little, the label of the curry component has been removed to gain its own personality and stands out for its versatility and its healthy properties.

Protein shakes have made a hole in our lives. It is not difficult to meet someone who takes these shakes to build muscle or lose weight. They are a great ally for modern day-to-day life, replacing a meal and providing all the necessary nutrients without contributing an ounce of unnecessary fat.

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Neither sushi nor ceviche, now poke

The poke is a native to the island of Hawaii. This salad has already delighted many diners and next year will be one of the most requested dishes. After the success of sushi and ceviche in the global market, the poke arrives to delight lovers of raw fish.

Yucca flour

The search for increasingly will lead to the adoption of cassava flour for cooking, baking and baking. Multivalent and rich in carbohydrates, among its benefits emphasizes that it does not have gluten.

Many cause that the foods lose properties. A minority trend, but that in 2019 will gain followers, is to eat raw foods. Many people already consume sushi in their usual diet, but this will add to consume vegetables or seeds in their natural form. It is the unstoppable fashion of raw food.

From brunch to always a good time to have breakfast

The elaborations typical of traditional breakfasts will be introduced with increasing force in the kitchens of restaurants and homes in 2019. From the brunch we turn to recipes and own elaborations of the breakfast in all the meals.

Dehydrated fruit

As healthy snacks become available, fruit and will burst into the 2019 gastronomy scene. Potato fries are empty of food and this other type of snack arrives to take over.

Maximum use

The “nothing is thrown away” has been changed to “from the root to the leaves”. It is not that the maximum is used when it is cooked, it is that they will be used on a regular basis those parts of plants and animals that until now were discarded and to which less attention was paid. One example could be the rising trend of preparing the roots of onions, which until now we discarded when peeling an onion.

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The year of Korea

There is always a country that influences the world panorama every year. In 2019 the traditional and characteristic flavors of Korea will plague the cuisines of half the world. Their pickles, kimchi, squid salads, tofu soups… there is much to discover in Korean cuisine.

As we have been able to verify, different foods and habits become fashionable and open the way, replacing those of the previous year to delight us.

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