10 Food Trends to Follow In 2019

What is waiting for us in the kitchen in 2019? New products, new , here are 10 food trends to find in our plate this year.

1. Food Trends 2019

Tofu, legumes, walnuts, tempeh, seeds and whole grains are foods derived from vegetables and high in protein. Driven by the trend of vegetarianism, they take more and more space in our plates and easily replace meat or fish without affecting the balance of our meal. We prepare them without taking the lead thanks to the good tips and recipes from our Vegetarian Cuisine and our Cooking Without Meat book.

In the same vein, desserts also take the vegan turn. Eggs and dairy products are no longer for a soft cake, fondant or greedy. The proof with this double chocolate cake, this bread with carrots and maple or these brownies with sweet potato.

2. AlgaeFood Trends 2019

Sushi fashion has aroused our curiosity about algae, but it is for their wealth of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that they are more and more appreciated. So today, some varieties such as kombu, sea lettuce, wakame and dulse, are grown on the coast of Gasp├ęsie. We go over our apprehension and we add seaweed in our broths, pestos, salads and pasta.

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3. The MocktailsFood Trends 2019

Reducing alcohol consumption is in the air. Mixologists have understood this and are competing creatively for making non-alcoholic cocktails based on fruits, flowers and spices. And it’s just as good! Easy to adopt this trend at home with this pineapple, maple and lemon soft drink or strawberry and mint drink.

4. Middle Eastern CuisineFood Trends 2019

Many trends are now being launched by . The boom of photos of hummus and falafels shared in recent months on Instagram has helped to highlight the specialties of the Middle East #hummusaddict blows. In 2019, we fill up with cumin, coriander seeds, zaatar, cinnamon and cardamom in our spice cupboard and we cook tajines, cuckoos and baklava to bring our taste buds to fruition.

5. Frying Without OilFood Trends 2019

Always keeping in mind the idea of , we eliminate the chips and fries bathed in the oil of our daily life. We opt for oven heat, a hot air fryer or a dehydrator to limit fat while having fun. And we’re not just potatoes. To us home-made chips and oven fries without guilt!

6. The Fight Against WasteFood Trends 2019

Limiting food waste has become a real concern in our society. In this sense, we try to better calculate our portions, prepare the leftovers and consume everything that can be like radish tops, carrots and beets. But for that, it is necessary to cook them as soon as possible after the purchase or to keep them in the freezer to turn them into broth later.

7. The SuperpowderFood Trends 2019

We like to discover new ingredients to cook. And when they have more nutritional and medicinal virtues, their rating soars. This year, we will see maca (a tuber), chaga (a mushroom) and spirulina (an algae) on the shelves of the grocery store in the form of beneficent powders. To enjoy, we add them in our broth, smoothies and coffees.

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8. The GheeFood Trends 2019

Among the most popular recipes shared on his site, Pinterest has seen a sharp increase in interest in ghee. A clarified butter from India, obtained by heating butter over low heat to separate the fat from water, lactose and milk proteins. People with lactose intolerance should be careful, however, small traces may remain. It is appreciated for its nutty taste and its easy preservation: at room temperature in an airtight container. In the kitchen, it is used as butter and in Indian dishes such as butter chicken.

9. Healthier SnacksFood Trends 2019

Studies have shown that our sugar consumption is too important. In 2019, the hunt for bad sugars continues. Snacks are attacked: no more fat and sweet snacks. We choose healthier, more natural and less processed foods such as gourmet peas, edamame and popcorn.

10. The LawyerFood Trends 2019

The years go by and the lawyer is still one of the flagship foods of social networks. After being the star of sandwiches, he now joins our desserts for a creamy result, as in this choco-avocado pie. In our salads and meals, it takes the form of a pretty flower. Easy to make, this one makes a beautiful effect! Demonstration in our video.

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