10 Food Trends That Will Invade 2019

Food Trends 2019In 2019 the trends indicate that you will eat flowers all the time. is a chain of of natural and founded since 1980. This year with the purchase of the same by Amazon, the products have become more accessible for thousands of people, which has helped to generate a base of data that indicates the direction our dishes and purchases next year will take.

1. Floral flavors

Food Trends 2019Source: Tumblr

The world seeks more and more the natural. And although the flowers have served as decoration since time immemorial, this 2019 is expected that in addition to adornment, they are the main flavor . The lavender, the flower of jamaica and the are those that more combinations are expected to offer. They also predict the fashion of “everything with a rose flavor” and even violet marshmallows. We look forward to the next year, in addition to bonito, being delicious!

2. Super powders

Food Trends 2019Such as matcha , maca root, cocoa, turmeric powder, spirulina, kale, among other herbs and roots that are highly sought after for their healthy properties and flavors. The company is predicting that its consumers will give interesting turns to their meals with these powders, with which ones would you dare to experiment?

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3. Mushrooms

Food Trends 2019Source: FSP Health & Fitness

Because health has been a priority in recent years, ingredients with great benefits such as mushrooms will open up to beverages such as coffee, tea, smoothies, desserts and, of course, their classic presentations will be consumed more and more. As mushroom lovers, we love the idea and the curiosity to taste them in sweet preparations comes together with enthusiasm and a little fear …

4. Flavors of the Middle East

Food Trends 2019We are not as invaded by the culture of the Middle East as we would be in the United States but from time to time we can find restaurants that offer Arab or . The hummus and the jocoque are entering our markets and we even enjoy some pita bread occasionally. For next year, the chain predicts that in addition to shawarmas and falafels, that will be offered to prepare will be more varied with special attention to Persians, Israelis, Moroccans, Syrians and Lebanese.

5. Transparency 2.0Food Trends 2019

Consumers will demand more and more transparency in the labels of their products regarding the origin of their food. Information such as , the seal of Fairtrade (produced in decent working conditions) and the good treatment of animals will be factors that will influence as never before at the time of purchase. The responsibility of the sellers is great, but in this new era the demands and priorities of the buyers will also be important.

6. High technology will be influenced by plantsFood Trends 2019

In case the ingredients do not have enough proteins and benefits on their own, the company predicts that more plant-based products and protein-enhanced proteins will be found. To cheer up vegans and lactose intolerant, we inform you that we will see an increase in dairy-free products with good alternatives that will preserve their .

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7. Pop and puffFood Trends 2019

Americans call popped and puffed crispy and inflated foods. Apart from the typical French fries, the tendency to consume vegetables prepared in this way has grown. For the following year we will look for pasta, seaweed and rice with flavoring made in this peculiar way. Almost any food can be turned into a snack like in science fiction movies.

8. The diversity of taco

Food Trends 2019Source: Eat With Hop

As much as we would like to hear that our northern neighbors are finally discarding that crispy dish with yellow cheese and vegetables that they call “taco” has not yet happened, but they will try to take it beyond their salty flavors, can you imagine a dessert of taco?

Fortunately, this first idea begins to change slightly and there are more tortilla options in the US market, some very similar to the ones we use here. In addition, you will see tacos made of lettuce and even seaweed.

9. No waste

Food Trends 2019Source: Alton Brown

This 2018, the waste of food was one of the most discussed topics in the world of gastronomy. Therefore, the chain predicts that next year food producers will join this trend offering rind of pickled watermelon, pesto made from the stem of some vegetables and an ingenious offer of products made with “food waste”.

10. Bubbles!

Food Trends 2019Source: Epicurius

A new era of bubbling will permeate the drinks. Everything you can drink, from coffees to floral infusions, will have a touch of bubbles.

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