Yogurt – The Healthy and Varied Slimming Aid

The cold shelves in the supermarket are almost killed by the variety of in various forms and tastes. But what exactly is the most popular ? Very simplified, yogurt is fermented milk, which can be changed in its consistency by various variables in the production process or can be expanded by the addition of different ingredients in its taste spectrum.Probiotic yogurt

– The healthy and nutritious aid!

Probiotic yogurt – like other dairy products – contains a variety of healthy ingredients that your body needs to feel good. Of course, it depends on the specific product, because many manufacturers use their goods unhealthy artificial flavors and preservatives, so that the basically very remain on the line. Therefore, before buying yogurt, always take a quick look at the nutritional values on the packaging. In this sense it is also worth buying natural yogurt, which is usually free from harmful additives and can be individually refined by you with fruit or other, if you want it to be somewhat more intense.

Probiotic yogurt and its minerals

Worth mentioning is first of all the high proportion of calcium in yogurt, which is particularly good for the teeth and bones. So you can prevent deficiencies that weaken your body. Calcium and magnesium deficiencies can have serious consequences for your health and cause, among other things, osteoporosis, blood clotting disorders and muscle cramps. The high contingent of potassium and the portion of magnesium also support the muscles and the water balance of your body. A small mug of probiotic yogurt thus already covers your daily requirement of magnesium and potassium about a quarter.

Essential protein

In addition, 100 g of the healthy dairy product provide over 4 g of vital proteins. Protein, among other things, promotes muscle building and is therefore the most important energy supplier especially for athletes. Likewise, you can quickly decrease by increasing protein intake and simultaneously reducing the supply of carbohydrates. Therefore is also a popular means of weight reduction. The low and caloric content are also to be mentioned here. With only 70 calories per 100 g, even the 3.5% fat yogurt can be consumed without a bad conscience, and there is still a lot of leeway down with low-fat yogurt varieties. Probiotic yogurt in combination with sweet fruit supports you especially in the fight against the only well-known hot starter during a diet.

Probiotic yogurt for the intestinal flora

However, the special health police are the yogurt cultures *. These are living microcultures which contribute to the improvement of the immune system by strengthening the body’s immune system and by strengthening the body’s immune system. Probiotic yogurt is really only probiotic if it contains the latter still in living form and these are not killed by ultrahigh-temperature heating. In the gastrointestinal tract the lactic acid bacteria and so-called bifidobacteria provide relief for digestive disorders, diarrheal diseases and other infections. The regular consumption of probiotic foods such as yogurt ensures a healthier intestinal flora.

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What does this tell us about probiotic yogurt?

Probiotic yogurt is an ideal support for the intestinal flora. However, if you consider only the benefits of weight loss during a diet, the weight loss candidate is probably better off using an explicit diet product such as Reduxanor Yokebe .

Lactic acid bacteria and shelf life – Can I still or not?

Just like its basic milk, yogurt is also subject to a certain shelf life and can become inedible over time. The shelf-life date on the packaging provides only a certain minimum standard value and is not a compelling factor for the question of whether consumption has adverse consequences. Rather, the durability depends on various factors in the manufacturing process.

Learn more about lactic acid bacteria and their relationship with the shelf life, and how you extend the latter …

Making yogurt yourself – quite simply without a yogurt machine!

The yogurt from the supermarket often has the bad taste of added aromas and thickeners, as well as excessively high fat and sugar fractions. In order to escape this, you can make yogurt yourself very easily and in addition cheap. A special yogurt machine is helpful and comfortable, but is not absolutely necessary. On the contrary, the necessary basic ingredients and a commercially available cooking plate are enough to produce yogurt and then refine them individually at will.

To make yogurt by yourself:

  • 1 liter of milk
  • About 4 tablespoons of natural yogurt or alternatively , available in powder form
  • Optional 2 tablespoons of milk powder to increase the strength of the yogurt (especially when using fat-reduced milk)
  • Optional 2 tablespoons of inulin to increase the creaminess and fiber content (especially when using reduced fat)

Make yogurt yourself – and so it goes …

The milk

H milk is best suited for the production of yogurt, since it does not have to be boiled before. Yogurt itself, but also works naturally with fresh milk: this must however first be heated to over 90 ° C, in order to kill existing bacteria and foreign germs. Although cow’s milk is mainly used for the production of yogurt, the processing of sheep’s milk or goat’s milk is also possible and left to the individual taste. The higher the fat content of the milk, the more creamy the consistency of their yogurts.

The preparation

The milk should first be heated to about 35 ° C – 50 ° C in a pot or cooled down as required. Once it has reached the desired temperature, stir the natural yogurt or the yogurt cultures into the milk. If you have already made your own yogurt, you can also use 1-2 tablespoons as a starting culture. At this point the milk powder or inulin can also be added at will. Then fill the mass either in the or in clean (previously boiled) glasses, which can be purchased in various variations. When using a commercially available , set the timer and let the processor work for you. When filling the mixture into glasses, Close them carefully and place them at about 50 ° C in the preheated oven. After 30 minutes, turn off the oven and allow the glasses to cool overnight. Always important in “making yogurt by itself” – and thus also with both types of preparation to be observed – is, however, that the mixture should not be moved, since otherwise no thickening of the milk takes place! Following this fermentation process, keep your yogurt in the refrigerator and consume it within 4-7 days. That the mixture should not be moved, as otherwise no thickening of the milk takes place! Following this fermentation process, keep your yogurt in the refrigerator and consume it within 4-7 days. That the mixture should not be moved, as otherwise no thickening of the milk takes place! Following this fermentation process, keep your yogurt in the refrigerator and consume it within 4-7 days.

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The final product

Once your yogurt has cooled down, you can refine it with any of the selected ingredients such as nuts, fruit, chocolate pieces or jam. Bottled in beautiful yogurt jars *, the natural product thus produced is also an extraordinary gift idea or a personalized give-away. Making yogurt by itself is not only simple, but also provides a particularly individual end product and offers the security of using only without flavors and preservatives.

Yogurt maker for easy success!

If you are the proud owner of a yogurt machine , you can create your own yogurt with a few simple handcrafts and refine with individually selected ingredients. This creates a very personal product, which is not only a delicious food for you and your family, but also (just like the appliance itself) is also an excellent gift.

Yogurt cultures at a glance

Yogurt cultures *  are lactic acid bacteria which convert the milk sugar into lactic acid in the milk and are therefore essential for the production process. They are included in untreated natural yogurt. However, they are also commercially available as stand-alone crops in various forms.

Left- or right-turning lactic acid ? Get an overview of the various yogurt cultures …

Yogurt Diet – Healthy and fast slimming

Yogurt is, in its natural basic form, an extremely healthy food and a promising helper in weight reduction. It contains many important minerals and vitamins that the body needs and still has a low fat content. With the huge variety of different diet concepts you can lose the overview and you can never be sure if they work and which is the right one. However, the yogurt diet offers decisive advantages: it combines and takes into account the most important basic principles in weight loss, the concept is easy to understand and does not need any special aids and it is also delicious and healthy.

Combine the essential principles in the yogurt diet

The yogurt diet is basically nothing more than a special form of the . The simplest principle applies in the area of health and nutrition: carbohydrates make limp and thick, proteins make slim and active. In addition, protein saturates, is crucial for muscle building and stimulates metabolism and calorie consumption. Since dairy products contain a high proportion of this valuable slimming product, they are ideally suited as a supplement to a or as an independent concept.

A second important principle is calorie counting. If you want to lose weight, you do not have to pay attention to your calorie consumption. A cup of low-fat yogurt suggests only about 70 kcal, so it can be consumed almost without hesitation. This is of course not true for all varieties and therefore you should always take a look at the nutritional values during the yogurt diet when buying.

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Lastly, the consumption of light and digestible foods during a diet is important in order to remain active. Natural yogurt is particularly compatible and ensures a healthier intestinal flora through the lactic acid bacteria.

Simple requirements for effective weight loss

The yogurt diet does not need any dietary supplements such as diet drinks, pills or powders, but it is simply an easy-to-buy and affordable Naturoghurt. Those who have understood the basic principles can simply put them into practice. This method is also distinguished by the possibility of differentiating between them. Anyone who wants to lose a few superfluous pounds over a longer period of time can replace one of his meals with yogurt and also pay attention to his carbohydrate and calorie intake. However, if you want to lose weight as effectively and quickly as possible, you only use a healthy yogurt diet, combined with fruit and fresh vegetables. While this is not easy to withstand, it is highly efficient: If you change your diet extremely this way for a week, they will lose 3 to 10 kilos of weight, depending on your body type. Please take into consideration that you take enough water and do not take the radical diet for more than 7 days at a time.

The yogurt diet: healthy and delicious

The nutritional benefits of yogurt are known. However, the dairy product also has some strengths and above all a wide range of combinations. There are countless delicious recipes with and from yogurt, with which you can make your diet to enjoy. The high proportion of protein and minerals in yogurt and its culinary performance make not only slim, but also healthy and happy.

Tip: If you want to be as flexible as possible, it is a good idea to make the yogurt yourself. You only need a yogurt machine * and yogurt cultures *. Read more here: The perfect  yogurt machine  for perfect yogurt

Tip 2: Although the yogurt diet is a creative idea with many benefits, it can not with the special diet systems as yet Reduxan compete . Here, all important elements are packed into a product so that the body gets exactly what it needs.

The dietary alternatives

If your only goal is the reduction of weight, yogurt may not be the optimal solution for you. Before you decide to buy yogurt products or machines, you should look at the special diet systems Reduxan and Yokebe !

Yogurt Recipes: Versatile applications in the kitchen

Yogurt is a real multi-talent in the kitchen due to its creamy consistency and versatile flavor variations. Whether sweet or sour, cold or warm dishes, cook or bake – he can give the food the necessary whistle. From healthy salad dressing to sweet dessert sin, the dairy product offers a wide range of applications.

The all-round talent

Not only in the kitchen is yogurt characterized by its wide range of uses, but is also rather a useful helper in the areas of cosmetics and medical treatment. Due to its naturalness and richness of vitamins and minerals, there are no problems with compatibility and efficacy.

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