With The Yogurt Diet Successfully Lose Weight

If you want to lose more than 900 Kcal per day, you can try the radical . What is at issue here is extensively explained.yogurt diet

Quick removal effect with the yogurt diet

As a yogurt lover, you can quickly lose weight with the radical yogurt diet. Up to two to three kilos can thus be drowned in just a few days. Three times a meal is replaced by yogurt. Since only 250g to 500g of yogurt is consumed per meal, the calorie intake is approximately 450 kcal to 900 kcal per day.

Which yogurt should you take?

For the fasting, one should absolutely natural yogurt eat and do without sweetened yogurts. Although light products containing sweeteners can be used with caution, certain sweeteners can stimulate hunger.

Low-fat yogurt or whole milk yogurt?

Between low-fat yogurt and full-milk yogurt, there is no big difference in calories. Nevertheless, one should prefer low-fat yogurt as it shows less fat and more minerals and protein. It has more carbohydrates than whole milk yogurt, but this is not a disadvantage. Carbohydrates are degraded faster than fat.

How long does this diet last?

The diet should be performed at least 2 days, but should not last longer than 7 days.
During the detachment phase, muscle mass is simultaneously reduced. If you do not exercise any during the course, you should not practice it too often.

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The more high-quality foods supplement the diet, the longer you can prolong their duration.

Complete the diet

A yogurt diet would not only be one-sided and would deprive the body of vital nutrients, but would also be boring and not long to sustain. Therefore, the yogurt cure can be supplemented with a few high-quality foods.

Particularly recommended are fresh fruits such as apples, pears, and grapes, which provide many vitamins.

Also, vegetables such as carrots and kohlrabi can be combined to offer a welcome variety. Oft can also seasonal fruit and vegetables Offers recourse. It is important to drink a lot of water or tea, as with any slimming regime.

Furthermore, the yogurt can be mixed with nutrient-rich wheatgrass. These bring vitamins and fiber into the cure. With its high fiber density, the wheat bran ensures a faster feeling of saturation.

If the fasting is performed longer, essential fats should also be consumed. Since fat provides many calories, it should be absorbed in small and natural amounts by walnuts or linseed oil.

Tips for the little hunger

As with every fasting cure, hunger comes up for the first time. It simply helps to drink a lot of water or tea. This suppresses hunger, fills the stomach, provides minerals and has no calories. Especially Mate tea is suitable for slimming as it activates the fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

It is also used for fasting as it stimulates the digestion and increases the release of fluid. Abetted fats and nature are thus excreted faster. It effectively combats hunger and the appetite is restrained so that you cannot fall victim to hot-hunger attacks.

Criticism: Is the yogurt diet unhealthy?

If enough water is available, healthy people can survive between 30 and 200 days without food, so a fasting cure of seven days is rather harmless in this respect. Especially when the yogurt diet is supplemented with vegetables and fruit. This is particularly recommended since the lack of vitamins and minerals in the long term adversely affects the body.

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About 25 percent of the weight loss goes to the account of muscle loss. Muscles require a lot of energy besides our brain. Therefore, the diet should be perfected with sports to counteract the muscle breakdown.

What happens with a low-calorie diet?

For the body to work, it needs energy in the form of calories. Most of us save calories in the hated greaves. If the body gets no calories from the food, it uses our reserves and starts to consume them. You can find the following sources of energy:

  • in the form of carbohydrates, called glycogen, in the liver
  • in fats from the congested fat industry
  • in proteins from the muscle tissue

In the case of a diet, first of all, the short-term available energy reserves of humans are claimed. This includes the glycogen (“starch”) of the liver, the kidneys and the muscles that are converted into glucose. These rapidly available energy reserves are about 6,700 kilojoules (1,600 kilocalories) and are consumed within one day.

Then the pH value drops; so there is an acidification in the body. This causes the body to lose some of its water. The body weight initially decreases strongly (about one kilogram per day), later less strongly (up to about 500 grams per day).

After the mobilization of the rapidly available energy reserves, there is a strong protein loss (for example, muscle tissue) of about 50 to 70 grams per day. As mentioned, 25 percent of the weight loss is for muscle reduction.

After the yogurt diet without a yo-yo effect

In order to avoid the notorious yo-yo effect after the yogurt diet, one should pay particular attention to its further diet. It is advantageous to roughly estimate the calories of the meal. So the body does not get too many calories at once and cannot create new fat reserves. Also, many nutrient-rich meals should be taken, such as fresh and uncooked fruits and vegetables. Likewise, high-quality oils are important, such as in the form of linseed oil or whole walnuts.

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To do more exercises

It is best to do exercises to balance muscle loss. If our body has less muscle, it also needs less energy – it grows lighter and the yo-yo effect takes hold.

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