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For those who never visit , here are some basic points you should to understand about .visit yogurt lab

At Yogurt Lab, they make a fun, easy and absolutely delicious frozen yogurt to enjoy the only way it should be enjoyed … your way. With 16 unique flavors on tap at all times and loads of high-quality to mix available, game & experiment, it’s a perfect (frozen yogurt) equation for anyone.

Yogurt Lab was founded on a basic but powerful mission: offer people everywhere the perfect equation of taste, quality ingredients and fun. And these three elements have since the first day in yogurt Lab DNA was when the first laboratory in Minneapolis Opened in 2011 by a local, homegrown family. Today there are eight locations Lab with the plans of the state in 2013 and nationwide to expand by the year, 2014.

Periodic Table of Flavors

Their official Periodic Table of flavors is a master collection of all of their unique, custom-created frozen yogurt flavors that rotate daily from one laboratory to another. Keep it fresh, so you can often experiment.

Put nutritional information on their standardized recipes and calculated with the data from the and the suppliers. Accurate information can vary from place to place because of frozen yogurt is made in their stores manually. Data are rounded to meet FDA regulations. Percentages for vitamins and refers to percentage of US daily values for a 2000 calorie diet. Their products are manufactured and stored in environments where known allergens are present; they can not guarantee that all their products are gluten-free.

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Yogurt Lab

It is called a laboratory, because they are the scientists of deliciousness. Each flavor of frozen yogurt is made fresh daily, directly in their labs. Yogurt Lab serves only premium USDA-certified organic yogurt made with hormone-free milk. Couple who discover their amazing collection of fresh, healthy and natural ingredients, and guaranteed the perfect equation for the palate. In fact, did you know you have more than 10,000 taste buds? This is true! With 16 rotating flavors from the barrel and a growing number of toppings to choose from, you have the opportunity to experiment but please.
Yogurt Lab is a place for everyone

Serious research is done there. has discovered already the cure for the common Froyo.
There is something for everyone Yogurt Lab, 16 of the freshest and tastiest rotating flavors from the barrel to its endless unique toppings.

Non dairy? Gluten free? No added sugar? No problem. It is as easy as Pi. All their Labs offer frozen yogurt options your way, no matter your nutritional needs. In fact, you will find not a molecule of high fructose corn syrup or a lick of other nasty, toxic substances in their labs. Every day have a variety of low-fat, fat-free and non-sugar-added flavors.

Visit Yogurt Lab: A closer look at Labs Ingredients

Yogurt Lab is committed to quality ingredients and transparency with its customers. And their clients are large. One of the most common questions they are asked, it is about a list of ingredients in their yogurts used. Sounds simple, right? But in reality it is to answer quite a challenge, especially in a consumer-oriented businesses associated with food.

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They rely on several suppliers and distributors to help Yogurt Lab to provide each of their unique products. And if you do not already know, Yogurt Lab created and each of their amazing yogurt mixed fresh at the store (daily) instead generally processed with one and / or frozen product, which unfortunately is the industry standard in other frozen yogurt shops. then take these products – each of which are made from several ingredients – and mix them to make their frozen yogurt. But you think this still seems pretty simple, right?

Suppose to examine a simple example. To make their red orange flavor, combine them to a number of ingredient inputs, resulting in the following output:

: Sugar, dextrose, dehydrated glucose syrup, citric acid, orange juice, mono- and diglycerides of , locust bean gum, guar gum, carrageenan, natural and artificial flavors, soy proteins, certified color: E120 Carmine, E160a beta- carotene.

When you add the equation together, the result is a complicated list of ingredients that none of us want to read. But now it’s the best thing they can do. If you’re wondering how big companies only five or so ingredients list can here your answer: you pay a nutritionist to treat several kinds of ingredients (pure sucrose, glucose [or dried glucose] and maltodextrin classify in broad buckets and simply they label it ” sugar “, for example.

Visit yogurt Lab could be a food scientist pay a large sum of money to do the same, but that’s when they used a contract manufacturer for their product offsite mixture, certify, drain and / or freeze it, and then distribute. This is astronomically expensive and represents in itself a number of problems. For example, they would be forced to deal with the same formulas continue forever (or at least until they want to pay a lot of money to recertify), and they would lose their unique ability to continuously improve it. In addition, they would have less flexibility to create new flavors and would no longer be able to offer a fresh mixed product – something that they are simply not willing to compromise.

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They hope that you will better understand now their business challenges and ingredients. And so they want you to know that yogurt Lab relentlessly trying new, better, cleaner formulas for their flavors and products. Visit yogurt lab expects and need the flexibility to improve their formulas because they believe that it can always be better, than where it is today.

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