The Different Types of Yogurt to Lose Weight and Gain Health

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Know the Different

The Different Types of Yogurt

types of yogurtWe do not talk about different flavors, but different kinds of yogurt that you have at your disposal in any market, even you can make at home, to have a healthy food that will strengthen your immune system and help you lose weight and look after the figure.

Know the different types of yogurt and insert them into the dishes and snacks, your health will thank you and your body will be splendid!

Basic origin of yogurt

By definition, yogurt is a obtained from an acidic , with a minimum of 100 million live microorganisms per gram of product. But that definition can be blurry, considering all the types of yogurt you have at your fingertips on any gondola on the market, including natural greek, , kumis and so much more.

The main raw material is milk, which can come from any animal and in any type, and selected cultures of bacteria (usually lactobacillus bulgaricus, or streptococcus thermophillus).

“Yogurt is a coagulated milk obtained from an acid fermentation process, with a minimum of 100 million live microorganisms per gram of product.”

Types of yogurt and

The , which many times in the market you find as ”  “, is an acidic fermented milk that can be sweetened or flavored to taste, or consumed in its particular flavor so delicious and refreshing.

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On the other hand, kefir and kumis are also fermented milk, although in alcoholic means. You can also take advantage of the Bifidus yogurt, a milk to which is added a particular strain of bifidobacteria, or also the lactobacillus L.casei immunitas. Another option is the Mazum, a type of natural yogurt from Armenia very popular in the local gastronomy, as well as the Dahi in India, the Massimo in Iran and the Giooddon in Sardinia.

Benefits of any kind yogurt

Any of the types of yogurt seen will do wonders for your health, because they overflow with beneficial bacteria that strengthen the defenses in your intestines while helping to destroy the bad bacteria present, feed with multiple vitamins and essential minerals (among other micronutrients), and complement very well almost any dish.

“Bifidus yogurt can be consumed by those who do not tolerate lactose because it generates an enzyme that allows assimilation.”

Since the earliest times, yogurt has been used as a health food, preventing and alleviating the most diverse conditions. The Dahi of India was used since the second century as a stomach painkiller, beneficial to heal the liver, purifier of the body and even was administered to cure tuberculosis. Throughout history, yogurt has also been used as an effective regulator of intestinal transit, to improve anemia and intestinal disorders, and a sedative effect has been demonstrated.

An interesting fact is that Bifidus yogurt can be consumed by those who do not tolerate lactose, because it generates an enzyme that assimilates and increases our receptivity and absorption of essential nutrients in the intestines, preventing the unpleasant symptoms of intolerance that we experience when we consume Any of the types of yogurt.

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A healthy, nutritious and delicious food that will perfectly complement all your meals. Prepare your homemade yogurt today, and take advantage of the other types of yogurt you have in the market, at your disposal, and for your health.

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