Steamed Strawberry Yogurt Cake Recipes

Steamed Recipes-Variations does not seem to be endless and the materials we use also appeared to be a modification of various kinds. that I present this time using the actual recipe originally blueberry , but since in my refrigerator the strawberry yoghurt recipes then I modified the recipe even a little, in addition to different types of yoghurt I also added fresh strawberries crushed into it. It was also be nano nano, slightly sour and sweet. Although I can not say this strawberry yoghurt cake steamed spectacular tastes, but it seems pretty good as well as a variety of cake that you make at home. Especially if you are getting bored with cake that is only made of chocolate or cheese solely only.Steamed Strawberry Yogurt Cake

To make steamed cake, you can add fresh strawberries as I do or if there is not a problem. If using fresh strawberries, fruit mash using a fork or knead with your fingers. Need not be mashed using a blender so that strawberry texture is still visible and directly enter into the batter that strawberry had been destroyed along with the juice. The most important key to making this successful is when the cake whisk eggs and sugar should be up really fluffy, creamy white, and very thick.

Steamed Strawberry Yogurt Cake Recipes

For 1 baking sheet cake (hole in the middle) diameter 23 cm


-5 chicken eggs

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-225 g caster sugar

-10 grams cake emulsifiers

-220 grams of low-protein flour

-30 g powdered milk

-150 grams yogurt flavored strawberry

-75 ml olive oil or vegetable oil

-10 grains of fresh strawberries, crushed


-3 tablespoons strawberry jam

-1 tablespoon water

How to make steamed strawberry yogurt cake

Prepare a baking sheet prints the forms pan, brush the butter and sprinkle with flour, set aside.

Mixer Bowl, beat eggs, granulated sugar and until white, fluffy and thick. Turn off the mixer. Stir in the flour, and milk powder by means of sift directly above the bowl of batter, mix thoroughly using a spatula. Add oil, mix well. Make sure the spatula touch base Bowl so that the oil can be mixed either precipitated.

Add the yogurt, olive oil and strawberry that has destroyed plus juice. Stir the dough with a means of reversing down a spatula until the batter is mixed well.

Pour the batter into the mold that has been prepared. Heat the steamer the steamer up to boiling water, use water that is pretty much in order for enough for steaming in a long time. Insert the baking dish containing the dough, cover the surface of the steamer with clean cloth that absorbs water, then cover tightly with the steamer. Steamed cake for + 50 minutes over medium heat until cooked. Test with rib or skewers are cake really has matured.

Remove the cake from the steamer, let sit for a moment until the cake was somewhat cool and the edges of the cake looks apart from the baking pan. Invert cake on a plate and let cool.

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Decorate with glaze:

Enter the jam and water in a small saucepan, heat at the stove, stirring, stirring until butter melts and becomes a thick batter. No need to boil. Enter the jam into a plastic bag Triangle, bind tightly and cut the edges. Spray jam onto the surface of the cake.

Well, the Steamed Strawberry Yogurt Cake is ready to cut and serve. Good luck.

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