Probiotic Yogurts with Healthy Effects

Whether the yogurt is only suitable for a pleasurable consumption or even health benefits, we clarify down to the detail.Probiotic Yogurts

Is yogurt healthy?

As with many foods, yogurt also raises the question of whether it has a health effect on our body. Many studies in many countries prove that yogurt is indeed healthy and promotes positive properties.

One example is the long life expectancy among Bulgarian farmers. The Russian scientist Iljy Metschinkow researched in this area and found out that the long life of the peasants was due to the regular consumption of yogurt. Although this thesis was not scientifically documented, journalists and newspapers liked to tell the public about Metschinkow’s assumptions. But even if this case could not be fully verified, the immunostimulatory effect of yogurts has been known for some time.

However, the strengthening of the immune system does not depend on the type of yogurt as some advertising campaigns want to propagate. All yogurt cultures have this effect on the body and not just the all-known probiotic yogurts.

Important bacteria in our intestinal flora

In order for our body to absorb certain nutrients, they are prepared for absorption in the intestine. Because in our gut flora is a highly complex bacterial ecosystem, that takes over this task. If we did not have these bacteria there, we could not absorb important nutrients of our food so well.

In this ecosystem, there are, besides many other types of bacteria, also the lactic acid bacteria. Many of these bacteria will already be known from advertisements for probiotic yogurts, as this bacterium gene is being advertised exactly. The producers of the probiotic yogurts orient themselves, in the composition of their own bacterial strains, on which lactic acid lactate. They are similar to the body-borne bacteria and can thus work more effectively. The best-known representatives of this genus in the probiotic yogurts are the lactobacilli as well as the Bifidobacteria.

Are probiotic yogurts healthier?

As already mentioned, the bacterial strains of our intestinal flora are actively involved in the maintenance of the immune system and therefore form the decisive health factor. As you’ve learned, normal yogurts without probiotic bacteria are helpful for the immune system. Whether the probiotic variants of the milk product have an even healthier effect on us is not certain, but it will not hurt either.

Probiotic yogurt after antibiotic use

In some situations, however, the probiotic yogurt can be highly recommended and has a slightly stronger effect than normal yogurt. If, for example, you had to take antibiotics for a cold or other illness, many darm bacteria may die. Due to the lack of bacteria involved in the immune process, the immune system can become more susceptible to secondary diseases.

If the antibiotics or other debilitating drugs have been discontinued, the consumption of probiotic yogurts is of some advantage. Because the special lactic acid bacteria can survive the stomach acid in large numbers so that a settlement in the intestine is facilitated. However, the consumption of the yogurt cultures may only be begun after the end of the consumption of the Arnzen, since otherwise, the bacteria die directly.

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