1 May 2018

18 Popular Food Trends to Follow In 2019

Revolutionary products, new trend for a new food… the world of food, cooking and gastronomy moves! But what does the new year reserve for consumers? Here are our 18 main food trends to follow in 2019. Talking
16 Apr 2018

Trends in flavor: the exotic, natural and “always” marks the food innovation in 2019

One of the main factors that influence the purchase of a food is its flavor. Therefore, in the development of new products, innovation must be oriented towards the development of new flavors that respond to current consumption
16 Apr 2018

Five Trends in Food and Beverages for 2019. What will the consumer demand?

The consumer demands from the food industry healthy, personalized, sustainable products that provide well-being. Knowing the trends in food and beverages for 2019 allows companies to identify new business opportunities or new product development. This information provides
14 Apr 2018

12 Trends in Foods that Will Triumph in 2019

The growth of interest in healthy and sustainable foods will be the main trend in food this year 2019. Sustainable and healthy foods Global trends that will impact on food during 2019 point to a growth of
14 Feb 2018

15 Main Food Trends Of 2019

Every year that begins brings with it a lot of predictions. What will be eaten in 2019? What will be the main gastronomic trends in the food sector throughout this year? To find out, read this …