17 Jul 2018

12 Flavors and Gastronomic Concepts That Are and Will Be Trend This 2019

Have you heard about low temperature cooking? And about dishes or ingredients like baos, kimchi, Tempe and kefir lime? And about monothematic restaurants? Today I come to tell you about flavors and gastronomic concepts that are and
17 Jul 2018

13 Gastronomic Trends of 2019

This 2019 will be marked by the trend toward healthy, conscious eating and local and organic consumption. The cuisine of the world and exotic ingredients are still present and the novelties revolve around new gastronomic concepts that
17 Jul 2018

6 Trends In Food And Beverages That Will Be Conquered In 2019

From a gum that will free you from stress to food kits with everything you need for your dishes. With the passage of time we have become concerned not only more about the food we consume and
17 Jul 2018

What Are We Going To Eat In 2019? These Are the Gastronomic Trends That (Supposedly) Are Going To Triumph

The month of January always takes us to take stock of what happened in the last twelve months and to fill the New Year with plans. But it is not only the moment of the lists of
1 May 2018

18 Popular Food Trends to Follow In 2019

Revolutionary products, new trend for a new food… the world of food, cooking and gastronomy moves! But what does the new year reserve for consumers? Here are our 18 main food trends to follow in 2019. Talking