29 Aug 2017

Basic Recipe to Make Homemade Frozen Yogurt Yourself

I love yogurt – almost a bit more than chocolate. Pure or with a few berries refined. Combine with a dab of fresh cheese or a touch of cinnamon. Before the sport, after work or at a
28 Aug 2017

Make Yogurt Yourself – How To Make Yogurt From Milk

Yogurt is a pleasant and easy intermediate meal and tastes very good. We’ll show you how it goes! And for lactose sweeteners and vegans, the whole goes even with soy milk or lactose-free products. Yogurt is delicious
12 Aug 2017

Yogurt Becomes Too Liquid: Make Yogurt Thicker

The consistency of the yogurt often does not achieve the desired result, the yogurt becomes too liquid. With these tips, the yogurt becomes thicker. The biggest problem with homemade yogurt is to achieve the desired consistency. For often it
11 Aug 2017

Frozen Yogurt: Simply Make It Yourself

Summer, sun, and sunshine finally all the gray seems to have been good-bye and made room for great weather! At such temperatures there is really nothing more beautiful than a small exploitation in the sun, or not?
11 Aug 2017

Yogurt – The Healthy and Varied Slimming Aid

The cold shelves in the supermarket are almost killed by the variety of yogurt products in various forms and tastes. But what exactly is the most popular milk product? Very simplified, yogurt is fermented milk, which can