Nonfat Frozen Yogurt Nutrition Facts

– Those who cannot resist the temptation of frozen yogurt can integrate not fat frozen yogurt in their diet. Nonfat yogurt nutritional values of are described in this article. Read on to know how you can reduce your daily calorie and still enjoy your favorite yogurt ….

Nonfat Frozen Yogurt Nutrition FactsFrozen yogurt is a popular food item in all parts of the world. It is enjoyed with meals or as a simple and nutritious snack. Yogurt contains fewer calories than ice and so is always preferred as a healthy food. It is believed that regular consumption of yogurt can delay aging and bring years in your life. Traditionally, yoghurt was prepared by adding bacterial cultures to milk. All yogurts contain probiotics. These bacteria convert the sugar of milk, lactose into lactic acid, which gives the yogurt its characteristic sour taste, and unique pudding-like thickness and texture.

Many people believe that frozen yogurt is a healthier dessert than ice. While this is not entirely wrong, there is still a lot of calories in it, which may not be useful if you are on a regime. There are 25 to 30 calories in an ounce that is meant a whole portion to add a lot of calories. While these calories are not entirely unhealthy, this cream on ice selection is definitely a healthier choice.

As more people calorie conscious always, companies present not low-fat or fat-free varieties of frozen yogurt. Various flavors, almond, nuts, chocolates or fruits enhance the flavor of yogurt. You must have heard about the popular brands TCBY, Dreyer (Edy), Bluebell, Häagen-Dazs and Kemp. TCBY ( ‘the country’s best yogurt “, originally” That can not be yogurt’) is the largest US retailer of soft ice cream frozen yogurt with probiotics. Frozen yogurt that contains helps the health of the digestive improve immunity and overall health. People who can not digest the lactose in the dairy frozen yogurt live cultures in their diet. Calories in a cup of frozen yogurt are described below.

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Nonfat Frozen Yogurt Nutrition Facts

  • Regular frozen yogurt: 221
  • Low-fat frozen yogurt: 214
  • Non-fat frozen yogurt: 164
  • Dreyer (Edy) fat yogurt: 180
  • Häagen-Dazs fat free frozen yogurt: 280
  • Stonyfield Farm nonfat frozen yogurt: 200
  • Bluebell nonfat frozen yogurt: 230
  • TCBY fat premium frozen yogurt: 220
  • TCBY Summer Strawberry frozen yogurt: 200
  • Bluebell : 260
  • Kemps low fat frozen yogurt: 240
  • Half a cup (97 g) of TCBY 96% fat-free frozen yogurt: 140
  • 1 large cone of frozen yogurt: 227
  • Lucerne nonfat frozen yogurt bar is included in “1 point Snacks list” of Weight Watchers Community.

Nonfat nutritional value in yogurt

Frozen yogurt is rich in calcium. Half a cup of TCBY 96% fat-free frozen yogurt contains 80 mg of calcium. It also contains 60 mg of sodium and 15 mg cholesterol. It comes with 23 g carbohydrates, 4 g protein and 3 g total fat (saturated with 2 g fat). They ingest 20 grams of sugar with this yogurt. Confronted by the 140 calories of this food available, most of the calories (97) come from carbohydrates.

It should be noted that most of low-fat yogurts have eight fifty-eight grams of fat, of which some fat is saturated. Nonfat yogurt is 96% fat free, which means that it contains at least a certain amount of fat. The fat can clog your arteries if you do not take care of the part. Nutrition information of Yogurt informs us that even low-fat desserts can provide excess saturated fat available if you consume a cup or more.
Yogurt is a rich source of carbohydrates, but has a smaller amount of fat content. For this reason it is healthier than the mast and relatively diet is considered free of ice. This dessert has a lot of calcium, but if you’re looking for an actual source of calcium, then regular yogurt is the best option. Frozen yogurt is a good choice for those who are lactose intolerant. The fat-free version is safe for those who are diabetic.

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It can be eaten in a while as a dessert once, as is the case with all the other desserts. As already mentioned, are the calories in it less than in ice, but they are still available. If you are looking for food, it is ideally smooth to consume yogurt regularly. You can add some sliced fruits and berries to make it healthy, nutritious, and a guilt-free dessert.

Health Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is definitely healthier than ice. It offers not only a longer and healthier life, but also ensures that you would forever look young. It gives radiant skin and improves the complexion clear. It helps in lowering LDL, the bad cholesterol, while increasing HDL, good cholesterol. It promotes the burning of fat after a meal. It ensures strong bones and helps prevent and reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Consumption of yogurt helps prevent ulcers and reduces the risk of colon cancer. It ensures a fresh breath through the production of sulfide compounds and the growth of bacteria to prevent in the mouth. It thus helps to maintain oral health.

You should read carefully the labels know the calories in fat-free frozen yogurt. It is certain that yogurt is to include a healthy diet, when there is little fat and calories. You can check the exact fat content and the proportion to be determined accordingly. Nonfat frozen yogurt recipes are available on the Internet, and are fairly simple. You can cut down by following a healthy recipe the calories and fat in the yogurt.

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