How to Make Homemade Natural Yogurt

In times when I find myself with low energies and tired of work, my eye seems to seek comfort and practicality. In this context is how I surrendered to this recipe, which, by the title ( How to Make Natural Yogurt Without Yogurt ), would sound like something Naturalist and doing so may take too long, but no, do not worry because the recipe today is very simple And, above all, very delicious.Homemade natural yogurt

My relationship with the kitchen is oscillating, coming and going. When I can dedicate time to cook and do this that I like, even if it is something simple like hamburgers with rustic potatoes and several salads, I like to invite and welcome my friends or surprise my girlfriend or my family.

How to make natural yogurt at home

I learned how to make homemade yogurt following the instructions of my friend Diana, who received me in Madrid, where I spent a few days a year ago. Talking with her I commented on her vision on how to prepare yogurt based on the following tips:

Tips and suggestions (… from my friend Diana)

“Almost all supermarket yoghurts are already sweetened, with their flavors standardized to the taste of a whole market (consumer population) and with a quantity of sugar that I consider exaggerated. Generally, industrialized yogurts are very sweet, and personally I think the best place for sugar is the dessert”

“Industrialized yogurt is not made with natural fruits. The fruits are processed and reduced to pulp, and this process carries the taste of the fruit, its aroma and color. I really like the natural fruit, eat the whole fruit, fresh, delicious, with all its benefits. ”

“To compensate for the loss of taste, aroma and color, the industry adds synthetic flavorings and colors (which I cannot trust). Most pink yogurts (which claim to have strawberry or red fruit flavor) have a dye called Carmine, which is made from the extract of an insect called Cochinilla. Others have artificial colors, such as red poinceau and other names difficult to pronounce. I prefer that my yogurt has the color of fresh fruit mixed with white milk. So instead of buying artificially colored yogurt I prefer to make natural yogurt with real fruit. ”

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Well, then, for my co-workers who always end up eating my yogurt on the sly, and at their insistence to know how to make yogurt at home, my recipe goes…

There are a few different ways to do this. As I told you, the way I prepare it (and I know you like it) is quite easy, but to tell the truth, at first, I have erred a couple of times in doing so, so I suggest you pay close attention to the Details, just that.

What do you need to make natural homemade yogurt?

  • Milk
  • Natural yogurt

So simple… although for me, the point is in properly choosing these 2 products.

Milk: to make natural yogurt I like to use whole milk, which I get easily in the supermarket or bakeries; Are also available at organic and organic food stores.

Natural yogurt: do not rely only on the packaging or brand of the product, because they are seen and sold (and this my friend Diana suggested) natural yogurts that are not. The main feature of the natural yogurt is that it is made only of milk and lactic yeast. If it comes with some kind of stoneware, gelatin, sugar or anything other than milk or milk yeast, yogurt is not natural and will not serve to make homemade yogurt.

Lactic yeast are “good” bacteria that feed on lactose (the natural sugar in milk) and ferment. Bacterial fermentation is what turns milk into yogurt, which in its natural state (without dyes or excess sugar) is a very beneficial food.

Very good. With these two ingredients in hand, properly stored in the refrigerator, we can move to the preparation of home-made yogurt. The best time to make yogurt is the end of the day, because everything is prepared and stored overnight so that in the morning when we wake up, our homemade yogurt is ready to consume.

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How to Make Step by Step

  • First, boil the milk. But here we stop to pay attention to this important detail: “my friend Diana says that the best time to remove the milk from the fire is only when it begins its boiling “, so, since I stressed this detail, I followed his Suggestion and I have gone great.
    But be careful not to spill the milk, huh ?! You should keep an eye on the temperature. When the surface of the milk begins to move, stay alert next to the fire. Soon, the milk will begin to form a foam that will rise and rise rapidly if the fire is high.

On other occasions having shared my recipe, I have been asked friends about the right temperature to which milk should boil, but, I do not use any instrument to measure it, that is why, following the advice they gave me, I could solve This first detail that greatly influences so that the elaboration of the home yogurt goes well. I insist on this: when the milk begins to make the foam by the boil, you put out the fire.

  • Let the milk lower its temperature until it is barely warm, but do not let it cool. Then, with your hands well washed and after about 10 or 12 minutes after the boil, you put a finger in the milk to determine if it is already with the necessary warmth.

Tip: If you stick your finger in the milk and you can keep it for 10 seconds without burning it, but you still feel it is hot, it’s the ideal spot. If during those 10 seconds you feel that milk is burning, you let it cool a little.

  • Pour the warm milk into a clean glass container, preferably with a lid. If it is not a glass with a lid, it may be a round container that can be covered with a bag or a roll film.
  • Open the jar of natural yogurt and place a half cup of this yogurt next to the liter of warm milk that you already have in the glass container. Mix it a few seconds in a gentle way.
    Remember: the measure of natural yogurt is half a cup for every liter of milk.
  • Cover the container and store it in a warm place, protected from drafts. It can be inside the oven, and even the microwave. You must leave it there until the next day, or at least for 8 hours.
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If your homemade yogurt dawned very firmly, it is a sign that the lactic bacteria found the ideal environment for fermentation and became a “party at night”. This is basically the multiplication of the natural yogurt you bought.

Now, in case the consistency of your homemade natural yogurt is very liquid, it may be due to these factors:

  • Maybe the environment where you let it rest did not have the ideal temperature for the bacteria.
  • Maybe the milk was either too hot or too cold.
  • Or the natural yogurt you bought was not good, so you can change the brand.

But, do not be discouraged, because with practice you discover the right way to make yogurt natural at home.

The next step is to choose the products with which we will accompany our homemade yogurt. Cereals and fresh fruits, but I think the most different and rich mix I tried was with cocoa beans (finely chopped cacao beans) and grated coconut. I also really enjoyed it with 2 tablespoons of oatmeal.

And another alternative that I really enjoy is taking my frozen home yogurt.

Tip: When the yogurt is running out, set aside a small amount (equivalent to half a cup) for use in your next elaboration of homemade yogurt.

Every time you reuse your natural yogurt, it becomes more acidic, so I recommend you try it before to know if you are comfortable with its acidity.

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