Homemade frozen yogurt sugar free

Dificulty: Easy

this recipe is such an easy thing to make that you can’t help but wonder why anyone bothers to buy it! In most yogurts the is part of what breaks down the ice crystals to give a smoother texture- we’ve used xylitol rather than other sweeteners as it has a similar crystalline texture to but it keeps your yogurt.

homemade frozen yogurt sugar freeIngredients for Sugar Frozen Yogurt

  • Full-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt
  • Xylitol
  • Your choice of flavourings- try peppermint or lemon essence

Instructions to prepare Frozen Yogurt

  1. Choose your yogurt and yes, it really DOES have to be full fat. Greek yogurt will give a richer more ice-cream like texture, standard yogurt will have more tang. If you like you can play around with different combinations, mixing plain and Greek yogurts to make your perfect balance of creaminess and tartness.
  2. Add your xylitol. The usual quantities would be around 7 ounces to each 32 ounces of yogurt, but it’s your dessert- you choose the amount.
  3. Add your flavouring- the very simplest way is to stir in a little flavouring essence. Lemon is beautiful. If you want to get inventive you could add syrups, pureed fruit, or even alcohol. Kirsch with dried cherries cut through is stunning- you decide if that still keeps your homemade yogurt sugar free!
  4. Churn your fro-yo and then put it in the freezer. After an hour or so you can take it out and churn it again to keep breaking down those ice crystals and make it even creamier. If you have the patience you can repeat this another time or two; the more you do, the smoother it will be.

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