Homemade Frozen Yogurt Recipes – With and Without Machines

are the latest trend from the USA, which is also established in Germany. How to make these delicious desserts yourself is learned here.frozen yogurt

The so-called frozen yogurt has already gained great popularity in the United States and now also wants to start its triumphant success in our country. As a low-fat alternative to normal , this yogurt-based dessert is very popular and is distributed in America in supermarkets but also in Shops. The fat content is significantly lower than with normal ice, since only yogurt and mostly skimmed milk are used instead of cream. As a lover of the low-calorie treat, you have to go back to making your own, since frozen yogurt Shops are rarely sown here. If you can buy them, they are not necessarily cost-effective. Luckily this is almost a children’s game.

The production of frozen yogurt is similar to the , and even without possible. An ice cream maker is worthwhile for a lot of enjoyment, since it decreases a lot of work and facilitates the production, but not necessarily necessary. The original variant is made from (low-fat) yogurt, since the dessert is so popular because of its few calories. Instead of whole milk yogurt so take rather fettarmen. This tastes just as good and spares each of us a few kilos on the scales. So you do not need to use too expensive tools to start with yourself.

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With frozen fruits and blender

The frozen yogurt is particularly delicious when it is refined with fruit. This is best served with frozen fruits, such as raspberries, strawberries or wild berries, from the supermarket. Of course you can also use fresh, but then you have to cool down the Frozen Yogurt again, to be able to enjoy it fresh.
Yogurt, powdered sugar and fruits are in a stable mixer, as the Kitchen Aid or the Vitamix, added crushed and briefly on the highest level. The longer you mix, the finer the mass becomes. The result is a delicious ice cream dessert with the best ingredients.Whoever wants to try a different variation replaces the yogurt with Creme Frâiche.

Preparation with ice machine

The production of Frozen Yogurt is particularly simple and time-saving when using an ice machine. There are many different models, but all are well suited for production. Here’s a little recipe for the first Frozen Yogurt :

List of ingredients

  • 500 ml
  • Some honey, sugar, powdered sugar agave juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon Bourbon vanilla extract or alternatively a packet vanillin
  • 2 protein

The preparation

If you want a make Frozen Yogurt using an ice machine , the yogurt must be prepared beforehand. It has to drip in a screen with kitchen paper for about six hours. The sieve should be covered with kitchen foil and be weighed with a plate.

The mass that results from it can easily recall Quark. This is then beaten with the sugar and the vanilla sugar creamy. Both proteins are stiffly struck and subjected to the mass. The liquid ice cream mixture is now filled into the ice cream container by prescription.

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This, in turn, is placed in the freezer and the agitator is switched on. This moves a propeller-like spatula or agitator, which scrapes off the cooling liquid on the walls and thoroughly mixes it. The Frozen Yogurt is ready at the latest after a three-quarter-hour. Depending on the model it is even faster. In addition to ice cream and Frozen Yogurt, some machines can be made on soft ice cream and sorbets.

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Without ice machine

Of course, a production is possible without ice maker . This may take a little longer, but it tastes just as good. Here again a few ingredients for a homemade Frozen Yogurt:

List of ingredients

  • 500 ml natural yogurt
  • Some honey, sugar, powdered sugar agave juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon Bourbon vanilla extract or alternatively a packet vanillin

The procedure

The yogurt is stirred into a bowl with a snow bean or hand mixer creamy. The sweetener, ie, sugar, honey, powdered sugar or agave juice, is gradually added during stirring. The amount of the sweetener can be determined individually according to who tastes better. Usually the amount is between 50 and 100 grams.

What you like best, can be found on several occasions. If the mass is creamy, vanilla is added. The mixture then comes into the freezer compartment and is removed every 15 to 20 minutes and stirred. This process usually takes over the ice machine. Care should be taken not to form any ice crystals. If the mass is well-frozen and still creamy, the yogurt ice cream is ready for consumption.

Toppings for the ice

Although it is possible to mix some ingredients into the yogurt mass during the production process, the Frozen Yogurts tend to live by their garnishings, which are called “toppings”. This is just about everything, from nuts, small chopped biscuits and colorful sprinkles to sauces and cut fruits.

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Creativity can be given free rein, because try is expressly allowed. For children, it is particularly nice to decide what is on the ice. The Toppings can, of course, also be lifted under the ice mass shortly before the end of the freezing time. The presented basic recipes allow any combination with other ingredients.

However, you should be a little careful. Because from the actually “healthy pleasure” can be by the ornament quickly a calorie bomb.

How long does Frozen Yogurt last?

Since the preparation often takes a little more time, you should always prepare larger portions of Frozen Yogurt. These keep themselves in the fridge between four and six weeks and can be enjoyed in time in peace.

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