Frozen Yogurt: Simply Make It Yourself

Summer, sun, and sunshine finally all the gray seems to have been good-bye and made room for great weather! At such temperatures there is really nothing more beautiful than a small exploitation in the sun, or not? Most often the first alternative in such situations: ice! But ice is really the complete opposite of our sporty lifestyle! Sugar and calories in abundance. But here comes the perfect and in my opinion even more delicious alternative to every ice cream in the world: Frozen yogurt!make frozen yogurt yourself

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In the following I explain to you what you need for your own frozen yogurt and how you can make it self-made at home! 🙂

You see, the list of ingredients you need is very manageable! Correspondingly easy it is also to make a delicious Frozen yogurt itself!

Frozen yogurt preparation

  • First of all you have to drain the skim milk yogurt
  • For this you put out a sieve with a kitchen towel and tilt the whole yogurt into the sieve
  • Under the sieve you pack a vessel that catches the water and let the yogurt drain for at least 5 hours (can be prepared perfectly in the morning before work for example)
  • After the “dripping time” you can pour the collected water away
  • Now mix the skimmed milk with the contents of a vanilla dish and a few splashes of liquid sweetener
  • This mixture blends it with the yogurt and tries briefly, whether it is already sweet enough for you – otherwise, once again with a few drops of sweetener
  • Two egg whites and also under the yogurt-milk mixture lift
  • Put the whole mass into your and let them do the rest
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Also the preparation of Frozen Yogurt is very easy! You do not have an ice machine and you do not want to put extra? No problem! With a little more effort you can make the Frozen Yogurt so! For this you have to fill the finished mass simply into a vessel and put into the freezer! Now about every 2 hours, when the mass is slightly frozen, mix completely and air underneath! Repeat this 2-3 times and finish your handmade Frozen Yogurt!

For anyone who is looking for a suitable ice machine, I personally can recommend this model here ! 🙂

With the Toppings for your Frozen Yogurt you and your creativity are no limits! Whether with berry fruits, pineapples, mango, almonds, walnuts or whatever fruits and nuts – create your Frozen Yogurt as you wish, but do not forget to stay sporty! Schokosauce, smarties or gummy bears have lost nothing on a frozen Yogurt for sports canons like us! 😉

Have fun with your first Selfmade Frozen Yogurt, I would be glad if you give me time how you have succeeded and tasted! 🙂

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