Five Trends in Food and Beverages for 2019. What will the consumer demand?

Trends in Food and Beverages for 2019The from the healthy, personalized, that provide well-being. Knowing the trends in food and beverages for 2019 allows companies to identify new business opportunities or new product development. This information provides a competitive advantage in terms of innovation and is also an optimal tool to minimize risks.

Analyzes in more than 12 countries have identified five key trends in the sector next year that are presumed to have a significant impact on the sector, according to the 2019 report. Of these already advanced in 2017 and 2018 and now they are enriched with new elements.

Safe, ethical, natural and sustainable products

As we anticipated in the article ” Drinks without additives, coconut sugar or chocolate with quinoa: what will we see in the linear in the coming months”, after the various food crises that have been detected in recent months, as is the case of the eggs contaminated by fipronil, not only demands , without additives or preservatives, he wants to know how, where, when and who has produced the products he finds in the linear. In addition, it demands an ethical and sustainable commitment. Hence the need on the part of to clearly identify the ingredients, the production system, the supply chains and the commitment to packaging responsible with the environment. Attending to the requirements of the consumers, increases the confidence in their brands.

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Democratization of

The consumer is not willing to have their demands convert the products into luxury items. He wants them to be available to all pockets and there are companies that are already beginning to innovate in this line. An example is Amazon, with its food store Mark Foods.

Commitment to personal well-being and personalized diets

The accelerated pace of life and hyperconnectivity lead consumers towards the search for the opposite: “care” and evasion. Look for a healthy diet low in fats or sugars and also help you fight stress, reduce fatigue and get energy.

For the food sector, this juncture is an opportunity, an optimal time to offer solutions in the form of new formats or product varieties that include fruit, vegetables or herbal ingredients with relaxing properties.

The visual and the texture as differential value

In 2019, the trend of “eating with the eyes” will continue, of great importance for consumers, especially millennials, as well as for the industry.

The consumer looks for a sensory experience in food. Hence, it demands products that involve the senses: the visual, the aroma or the texture. The goal is none other than to share that consumer experience on social networks like Instagram or Pinterest.

In response, the industry chooses in some cases to include in its products ingredients that bring colors, that draw attention. In others, it leans towards more attractive packaging for the consumer or for a  unique texture.

Formulas to save time and money

In order to save time and money, consumers are betting on new shopping channels.

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The new technologies allow the industry to offer a quick delivery service or subscription services that facilitate the replacement of products to be connected with smart appliances. In addition, the rise of electronic commerce and the possibility of buying through voice systems through mobile devices means that, every day, more users bet on online purchases. All this saves time and money.

The application of technology is an opportunity for the distribution industry to offer better levels of efficiency. It allows you to personalize the offer (recommended products, suggested products…) even individually depending on the purchasing behavior of each individual. All this in order to improve the user experience and business efficiency.

According to the Mintel study, manufacturers who bet on personalization in both product and promotion could attract more consumers. And not adapt to it could jeopardize the loyalty of consumers for a brand in favor of others who do offer this benefit.

Replacement of farms and factories by laboratories

The technology will break in 2019 in the processes of food production. Through 3D printing or the cultivation of stem cells, the trend will be the production in laboratories of meat foods and dairy products. According to the study, UK consumers are willing to rely on these products as long as they are similar in taste, appearance and texture. However, these solutions require strong economic investments and are still difficult to introduce into the market. Even so, the industry continues to investigate in this line. This type of products will attract above all the interest of consumers concerned about sustainability and with ecological conscience.

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The trends in food that we will see in the coming months reveal that the technology applied to the development of new products is a strategic lever for all food companies that intend to innovate in 2019.

If you need a valuable partner to help you adapt the food trends for 2019 in favor of the innovation of your products, we can help you.

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