Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt Nutrients

Fat-free can be a solid contrasting option to customary dessert.

fat-free frozen yogurt

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Non-fat frozen yogurt is a more beneficial contrasting option to full-fat dessert. This frozen treat actually contains a few key vitamins and is low in . Pair it with new berries or flame broiled pear cuts as a nutritious nibble after dinner. Your family will never know you are giving them a sound sweet.



Enjoying a 1/2 container or 4-ounce serving of plain Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt gives around 70 calories, reports the USDA National Nutrient Database. Chocolate frozen yogurt or assortments that contain lumps of organic product may contain upwards of 100 calories for each serving. Perused the nutrition truths mark on your most loved brand of non-fat frozen yogurt. Allot your segment size to determine the accurate measure of calories and macronutrients per serving.


Macronutrients – starches, protein and fat – are nutrients you require in huge sums. The greater part of calories in non-fat frozen yogurt originate from sugars. This macronutrient is an essential piece of your eating routine in light of the fact that your body transforms carbs into glucose. You require glucose, or glucose, to fuel every single cell. A 1/2-glass bit of non-fat frozen yogurt additionally has around 3 grams of protein, which repairs tissues and manufacture muscle. Some fat in your eating regimen is fundamental to ingest fat-solvent vitamins and control your body temperature. Despite the fact that frozen yogurt might be marked as fat-free, the item may contain follow measures of fat. A 1/2 measure of plain Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt has roughly .5 grams of fat.

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Dairy sustenances, including non-fat frozen yogurt, are actually stacked with the mineral calcium. You require calcium to bolster bone development and repair, yet calcium likewise assumes other imperative parts. Calcium has influence in blood flow, typical muscle capacity and nerve correspondence. As a grown-up, you require 1,000 milligrams of calcium in your every day eating routine to bolster these capacities. A 1/2-glass serving of Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt offers more than 100 milligrams of calcium.


Fat-free frozen yogurt likewise gives potassium. This mineral is an electrolyte and works with sodium to manage liquid all through your body. Legitimate liquid equalization is basic for typical electrical flow. Power makes your heart beat and allows your muscles to contract. Ensure you get the suggested 4,700 milligrams of potassium every day. Treating yourself to a 1/2 measure of non-fat frozen yogurt includes around 230 milligrams of potassium to your eating routine.

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