Easy Tips to Make Yogurt without a Yogurt Machine

Yogurt can also be prepared without a machine. With this instruction the yogurt succeeds even without .Make Yogurt without a Yogurt Machine

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Of course, it is also possible to do jogging yourself if you do not have a yogurt machine. This requires a little more effort than preparing yogurt with a yogurt maker. The following four steps, in this guide, give an insight.

But you should consider the following steps to Make Yogurt without a Yogurt Machine:

Step 1: kill germs by heating

The milk is heated to 90 ° C for about 10 minutes to kill disturbing germs. With H milk you can do make yogurt without. It is best to put the yogurt in the morning.

Step 2: Cool and mix with starter culture

Then the milk is allowed to cool to about 42 ° C. and is put into a vessel which can be screwed down. A starter culture of must be added. Either take one to two tablespoons of or use a special ferment. A yogurt ferment usually offers better results because there are more live bacteria.

Tip for solid yogurt: Will you have the yogurt a little harder, you can add a little milk powder. A higher also leads to a stronger thickening.

Step 3: Create warm environment without machine

It is now said to keep the temperature. A tried and tested method is to put the closed vessel (often glasses with a rotatable closure) into the bed, which may be still warm. If you do not fully understand this, you can add a hot water bottle.

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Step 4: Do not forget the yogurt and leave the tire

Avoid shaking during . Check the temperature from time to time. In the evening you can take the yogurt from the bed. Then he should have yielded a strongest mass. These can then be used to ripening in the refrigerator and enjoy!

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The process how to make yogurt without a yogurt maker does not have any disadvantages, you just should not forget yogurt glasses in your bed! In addition, you have to constantly monitor the temperature, so yogurt from the yogurt maker is a better alternative in the long run.

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