Easy Recipes on How to Make Thick Milk at Home

If one likes the sour taste of yogurt as well as an extraordinary refreshment, one will love . This milk product convinces with versatility.Thick milk

Thick milk – neither milk nor yogurt

The fat milk known to us today is made from normal cow’s milk and is also known under the names of sour milk, put milk or canned milk. It used to be made from uncooked and homogenized cows’ milk, but nowadays it is made from pasteurized milk.

Due to the bacterial lactic acid formation from milk sugar, the casein contained in milk is flocculated, which leads to the milk becoming thicker.

How to make thick milk by yourself

There are several ways to make fat milk yourself. We have prepared three recipes here after you can make them. When preparing the sour milk, care must be taken to ensure a clean environment.

If false germs are brought into the milk by contaminated utensils, this can lead to an unsuccessful result and diarrhea.

With raw milk

For the first recipe, use is preferably made of non-pasteurized raw milk. These are filled in portions and left to stand for a few hours at room temperature. This type for producing milk of milk has already been known for a very long time.

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Since raw milk is untreated milk, it should not be stored before processing. Otherwise, the result could become rather uncomfortable. From a hygienic point of view, this variant is the most problematic due to possible foreign germs of fresh milk.

With pasteurized milk

If pasteurized milk is used, as is usually found in supermarkets, one needs only a small aid for the production of thick milk. Here, too, the milk is filled into a vessel. On the edge of this vessel, a piece of bread should be placed.

Best sourdough bread

In order to start the acidification process, it is best to use sourdough bread for this purpose. When the thick milk is ready, you can see the thick consistency. Up to this status, it can take a few hours.

Remove bread

The small piece of bread can be easily removed from the container after the processing process without destroying the solid surface of the fat milk.


Another type of seeded milk production is the mixing of finished sour milk with normal H milk. Mix ¼ liter of sour milk with one liter of H milk. The H milk is heated to a temperature of 30 ° C before blending, so the foreign germs are better removed and the lactic acid bacteria come into full motion.


Overnight the mixture is left to stand in the warm room, so that in the morning you have delicious, finished sour milk.

This procedure, with H milk as the basis, is very hygienic since the risk of foreign germs remains very low.

With ready-made cultures / ferment powder

It is even better, however, if the milk is provided with special thick milk cultures. However, this is a rare type, make home sour milk, recognizing that these cultures ferment very rare to find on the Internet. If the ferment is mixed with the milk of its choice, this mixture must also work a few hours to get a nice result.

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When the sour milk is ready

Regardless of the type of basil milk, it can last up to one day until the fat milk is sufficiently solid and thus ready for consumption. Often the process can also be influenced by the weather. If the bowl is gently inclined with the milk, and the yellowish layer of fat is no longer moving, it can be concluded that the milk below it has also become solid. This is the right time to enjoy.

Quickly consume

The own homemade fat milk now has a delicate, slightly sour taste. The product should be consumed quickly and is not long lasting. The taste of every human being depends on whether the upper layer of fat is decreased, eaten singly or mixed with the rest.

How long does the fat milk last?

In general, fat milk is preserved in the refrigerator for a week. However, if the milk used has not previously been pasteurized or heated, undesirable germs may form in addition to the desired lactic acid bacteria. These can have a negative effect on the result and will multiply without notice in the milk.

Insemination recommended

The use of untreated milk for the production of fat milk is therefore associated with a few risks and should be considered. We, therefore, recommend making the sour milk by means of overgrowing or by making a piece of bread yourself.

Traditional drinks and food

In Germany, there are different ways to enjoy this milk product depending on the region. A north German dish provides thick milk with sugar as well as black bread or zwieback.

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The Hochsommer in South Hesse or in Hanover is enjoyed by eating fat milk with cinnamon and sugar as refreshment. In the Austrian and Bavarian cuisine, Sauermilch is a part of the Stosuppe and the Herbstmilchsuppe.

Difference to yogurt

The yogurt is still somewhat thicker in the appearance than the fat milk and has a more intense taste. For the production of yogurt, so-called thermophilic cultures are required, which develop at temperatures of 42 ° C to 45 ° C.

The thick milk is mesophilic streptococcus cultures which feel comfortable at temperatures around 22 ° C to 28 ° C. The production process takes up to twenty hours at about 25 ° C for the thick milk, whereby the yogurt only takes eight to ten hours.

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