Basic Recipe to Make Homemade Frozen Yogurt Yourself

I love yogurt – almost a bit more than chocolate. Pure or with a few berries refined. Combine with a dab of or a touch of cinnamon. Before the sport, after work or at a movie – any situation is right to take a spoon. Especially when the first sunrays flash again through the white clouds and I can enjoy my yogurt in a frozen form – refined with a dab of chocolate sauce and a few strawberries. And a few cake crumbs. And a few brownie pieces …Homemade Frozen Yogurt Yourself

Admittedly – even in winter, it must be a mug of frozen yogurt from time to time. Stupid only that most stores shut down during the cold days. Therefore do without? No way! The only solution is to make it – but it is not that hard: take a , a pinch of sugar and an . And finished is a wonderful fresh yogurt creation.

Basic recipe (without cream): from the ice machine

Frozen yogurt is made quickly. Mix all the ingredients, place in an ice machine and enjoy half an hour. The original recipe comes without cream. If desired, you can mix your variety with cream or fresh cheese. And refine with lemon or vanilla.

  1. Put all the ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Mix the yogurt and the sugar until the sugar has completely dissolved.
  3. Put the ice cream into the ice machine and let it freeze for at least 25 minutes.
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Ice or yogurt? Do both!

When it comes to , then 2-in-1 Ice Cream Maker and Yogurt Maker Elisa from Springlane Kitchen is at the forefront. Whether you’re an ice skater or a new creator – thanks to an integrated compressor, it conjures up ice for your in-house Gelateria. In the morning, yogurt with muesli and berries is a must? Elisa makes him fresh every day – at the push of a button.

Frozen yogurt without ice machine

You do not have an ice machine at home? No problem. Frozen yogurt from the freezer does not taste any worse, just takes a little longer. Simply fill the yogurt mass into a tightly closed container. Allow at least four hours to freeze. Important: Remove from the once per hour and stir. This makes your Frozen Yogurt particularly creamy.

Frozen yogurt from frozen fruits

Frozen yogurt in just five minutes? Yes, of course! All you need is frozen fruit, yogurt or cottage cheese and a blender. Before preparing, put the yogurt or curd in the freezer compartment for at least 30 minutes. Add the fruit to the blender and mix to a creamy mass. Small tip: As long as necessary, as little as possible. Yogurt and fruit only mix until fruit and yogurt have just joined to a creamy mass.

Creamy yogurt, or curd?

The star among the ingredients: yogurt. But which variety is the right one? Creamy or punch? Greek yogurt or curd? The most common variant is the creamy yogurt. Unlike yogurt, yogurt is creamy, yogurt ripened already in the tank and becomes so particularly velvety. You only have the hardest yogurt at home? Also works. Simply stir and allow to freeze.

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My personal favorite: Greek yogurt. Why? Because it is so creamy, thick and intense in taste. In Greece it is traditionally made from sheep’s milk, today it is mostly made from cow’s milk. During a special dripping process, the yogurt loses almost 70 percent of its liquid ingredients (whey and water), adding more milk – four liters of milk to one liter of Greek yogurt. For comparison, one liter of conventional yogurt is made from one liter of milk.

And what about Quark? Absolutely! The great thing: Frozen Quark does not differ in the production of Frozen Yogurt. Whisk the quark with sugar until creamy, pour into an ice machine and enjoy after half an hour.

Frozen yogurt vegan

Frozen soy yogurt – tastes not only good, is also mega-healthy. And the vegan alternative for those who want to do without animal products. Like the classic Frozen Yogurt, the vegan variant is also stirred with sugar (alternatively honey or maple syrup) and placed in an ice machine or the freezer compartment.

Frozen yogurt without sugar

Fat reduced nicely and well, but what about sugar? To be honest – sugar is almost indispensable for a creamy frozen yogurt. Because – Frozen yogurt gets its velvety consistency only by the addition of sugar. If you do not want sugar, replace it best with maple syrup or honey. The result: yogurt sorbet – less creamy, but wonderfully fresh.

A charnel or calorie bomb?

Ice is always going. And Frozen Yogurt even more – is finally quite easy. And healthy. And low-calorie. But, is this really the truth? Not quite. Depending on the variety, the caloric content of Frozen Yogurt is 80 to 125 kcal per ball. For comparison: A ball of strawberry ice cream has about 52 kcal, a ball of yoghur ice about 54 kcal and a ball of chocolate ice cream about 86 kcal. Although Frozen Yogurt is generally less fat than conventional ice cream, it often contains much more sugar – up to 20 percent (see above). The calorie-rich Toppings times except.

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Toppings and sauces

A few almonds here. A few biscuits there. And a lukewarm caramel sauce on top – the numerous toppings make Frozen Yogurt an irresistible treat. Especially popular: fruits of the season – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for example. But also apricots and cherries. Or nectarines and peaches. Also delicious: almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. Muesli and student food. And, of course, the sweet classics: Oreo biscuits, children’s chocolate, yogurette, M & Ms, gummy bears, brownie bits and cheesecake crumbs.

My personal favorite: a trilogy of brownie pieces, cheesecake crumbs and fresh strawberries – topped with a lukewarm nut nougat cream.

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