3 Health Benefits of Yogurt for Pregnant Women

Yogurt is milk that is made exclusively through bacterial fermentation process. Yogurt benefits are numerous, including the ecosystem is healthy digestion.

Health Benefits of Yogurt for Pregnant Women

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Women who eat yogurt will have a healthy immune system is stronger with intimate organ because yogurt has the ability to prevent infection-causing bacteria to live and thrive in the female reproductive system. In the intimate areas of women were moist and acidic, the bacteria can live and detrimental to health.

The acidity of the yogurt as of right so as to prevent the development of bacteria candida. This bacteria is very dangerous because it can cause vaginal discharge in women.

Although advised to always consumed, women should avoid yogurt that tastes sweet because it contains yeast growing of sugar.

Choose yogurt is best who has gone through the factorization process to eliminate bad bacteria and the incubation process to incorporate the good bacteria as well as the final stage in the form of fermentation.

A total of 150 milliliters of acid consumed yogurt per day can keep the balance of reproductive health and maintain the balance of good bacteria in the vagina.

The effect is the vagina will be free from distractions such as allergies, vaginal discharge and itching. So at a glance the benefits of yogurt to women’s health.

How Yogurt Helps Women’s Health

Excessive yeast can cause the growth of good bacteria in the vagina undisturbed. If this happens, the bacteria can cause infection in the vagina. Of course this will damage the health of the sexual organs which, if untreated, it can interfere with the function of other organs in the vicinity.

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All women crave vagina healthy and clean, away from harmful bacteria. To maintain the cleanliness and health of the vagina, many women do not hesitate to do a variety of treatments, including unreasonable and dangerous. Some of the treatment methods even spend a huge cost.

Many women are willing to do a variety of treatments at the intimate organ to maintain domestic bliss and harmony with your partner. Unfortunately without sufficient knowledge, sometimes a lot of money floating but the desired result is nil.

Yogurt is one of a low-cost alternative method to get the female sex organ health. Yogurt that has gone through a fermentation process using the good bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus Streptococcus thermopiles and safe for consumption for women.

These good bacteria will be down lactose into lactic acid so sour yogurt. Yogurt is a powerful tool in maintaining the health of the woman.

A study ever conducted on the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York City, the study showed that the consumption of yogurt regularly can fight the growth of Candida fungus causes vaginal infections.

Research conducted on 11 women who had infection caused by the fungus Candida. They were monitored for 6 months and consume a cup of yogurt containing Lactobacillus and good bacteria.
As a result, the infection gradually begin to disappear after one month regularly ate yogurt and health condition of the woman is getting better until the following month.

Yogurt Good for Women’s Health Pregnant and Breastfeeding

Yogurt provides calcium and magnesium injections for pregnant women. As we know, needs calcium for pregnant women increased three-fold compared with women who were not pregnant.
Organic calcium present in yogurt is one of the best options for maintaining the health of pregnant women.

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Calcium for pregnant women is also beneficial for bone strengthening fetus in the womb. However, pregnant women should also get four of five perfectly healthy foods, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, regular breaks and avoid stress.

As for breastfeeding mothers, calcium yogurt have role in improving the quality and quantity of breast milk.

Yogurt Can Streamlining Women Menstruation

When menstruating, women are likely to be deficient levels of iron and calcium in the blood. If the intake of calcium in the blood is reduced, then the blood will take calcium from the bones. That is why many women who are menstruating feel sluggish, lethargic and pale.

Other studies prove that menstrual pain would be reduced by 30% if women consume 1,200 mg of calcium every day. Diligently eat yogurt when you’re menstruating, adequate calcium intake will remain.
Yogurt is also suitable to be consumed by women who have menstrual problems is not smooth. From the testimonials of health sites in Europe, many women feel that their periods become fluent after diligent consume yogurt.

Yogurt Helping Woman who have Diabetes

As mentioned above, the benefits are not just limited to yogurt good for digestion but also help improve the health of the female organs. Another benefit of yogurt is this drink can prevent candida vaginal infections caused by bacteria.

Candida infection cases in mostly occurs in women with diabetes. This is because people with diabetes tend to have higher acid levels in the area of her vagina which allows the development of various types of bacteria, including Candida.

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Candida bacteria are usually the culprit of disease vaginal discharge and itching of miss v. Therefore, many doctors recommend that women especially those who have diabetes to regularly consume yogurt.
Similarly, articles about the role of women in maintaining healthy yogurt. Seeing the many benefits of yogurt for a healthy woman, it would not hurt if you start eating yogurt regularly from now on.

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