20 Most Important Food Trends in 2018 – From Vegetable Yogurt To Sushi Burrito

“When will the new finally come again?” So it sounded in the last weeks from all corners of our office. “We need new food!” Means: The latest trends in food and drink are the talking material, which makes the eyes of us food editors shine.Vegetable Yogurt

As we share our knowledge about the most exciting news, you can also look forward to unusual yogurt creations, new types of preparation and fresh fusion food ideas. Are you ready for the of the Year?

Brunch was yesterday – now there’s Brinner

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is not just a saying, when you celebrate your day in the start neatly, it is even a fact. After last year’s , Overnight Oats and Chia Puddinghave dominated the breakfast table, the international food and restaurant consultants Baum & Whiteman have a foregone conclusion this year: dinner is simply laid out for the breakfast time.

Look forward to chorizo, chili and chimichurri in the morning. Or decadent breakfast sandwiches that are more like a burger. Sausage and even fried chicken come from the morning already on the table.

The Yogurt Revolution

In your yogurt are only strawberries, chunks of chocolate or honey? Bring some change into your yogurt bowl. sees an exciting trend that has mainstream potential: yogurt, which is refined instead of fruits with . Beetroot, carrots or sweet potatoes provide not only for a new sweetness, but also for a color explosion in the yogurt cup.

Meal Prepping – Enjoy the week more relaxed

Even if the preamble is: “Less stress in 2018” – work, university or school do not make it easy for you. At lunch and in the evening you can relax a little more and save a lot of time. Just prepare your food for the whole week. So you need to buy only once a week, and can also be balanced on the other hand even with scarce time management. Meal Prepping is the trend that Jacob Shamsian and Jeremy Dreyfuss of Business Insider recommend for easy compliance with diets. The TK-Pizza is therefore used only in the absolute emergency.

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A Sardine between? With pleasure!

They are back! The small fish that our grandparents have already sniffed as fast energy suppliers. Because sardines are not only rich in omega-3 fatty acids, but also protein. They are also more versatile than you think. Try this year in your spreads, salad or grilled. from the Food Business Insider agrees that a sardine revival is a very good idea.

on the advance

According to The , has served 2018. Well, at least he got strong competition. Externally, Burrata resembles the well-known , but inside it hides its creamy secret. The cheese is still filled with butter and cream. At the first cut they tempt you. But since Burrata can only be consumed freshly, it is delivered every week fresh from Apulia to Germany – unfortunately only to selected cheese traders. But the rarer, the more charming, or not?

Bowlmania! Everything from a bowl

If you thought you had seen all the bowls, then we need to teach you something. 2018 things are really going on in Bowl – Baum & Whiteman see it the same. Look forward to Hawaiian Poke Bowls, Mexican Burrito Bowls, Fancy Noodle Bowls and Naturally Fruity Smoothie and Acai Bowls. Why do we love the trend so much? Because he is so simple, varied and colorful. Well, and because it can be made comfortable with the bowl and spoon on the sofa.

Refresh yourself: Detox Drinks

Did you know that on Pinterest there are about 13 million pins for food and drinks? The largest collection of all categories. No wonder, therefore, that Pinterest is also involved in the prediction of the food trends – they are directly at the source.

A great hype: Daily Detox Drinks. Treat yourself with a tea, water with lemon or apple cider. Without sugar, of course. So you do something good for your body and can do without your annual flash detox.

Souping – the comeback of the soup

The fact that a 1-week Detox cure with fresh juices and smoothies not a whole year make burgers, fries and co. That a cabbage diet is anything but fun, as well. Instead, try a supper that you can make throughout the year, which also brings variety into your evening routine. Try it with souping.

According to the clean-eating principle, you should refrain from using artificial flavor enhancers as well as color and aromas for your soup. Otherwise, almost everything is allowed. So pack your soup bowl with in every shape and color, spices and fruits or fish full. So you eat full, but light. According to The Foodpeople, soupfans can look forward to even more variety.

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Listen to your body – the Ayurveda cuisine

Eat what is good for you. The principle of the ayurvedic nutritional doctrine could be summed up in a very simplified manner. Everyone needs other food to bring his body into harmony. The orientation of the three , Pitha and Kapha in the organism determines how to feed themselves at best.

Kurkuma has already enjoyed popularity, which was the star of cake and milk last year. Turmeric is good for the immune system and should have a cleansing effect. The ayurvedic nutritional doctrine, however, still has much more to offer than turmeric, and in 2018, according to Monica Watrous, therefore, enters even more kitchens.

More is more: enjoyment extreme

After all the healthy trend ideas it is time again for sins with sugar and fat. And exactly this is also predicted in the Waitrose Trendreport. The health trend is omnipresent this year – everyone wants to eat healthy and bring into shape. Cheat Days should be allowed. And in 2018, this is the right thing to do. With monster shakes and french fries.

For spontaneous Pizzahunger: Naan-Pizza

Pizza always goes. But in the evening at 8 o’clock after the work still let go yeast dough and then wait for the pizza finally out of the oven comes? This is faster and easier – without saving your favorite pizzeria on the speed dial key. Just make Naan pizza with Naan bread as a dough base and cover it as you wish. On Pinterest the Blitz-Pizza is already the hype.

When flesh imitates: Jackfrucht

Such a Pulled Burger is already something fine. But meat is not your thing? Then you do not have to do without the Burgerleckerei. The immature pulp of the Brazilian jackfruit is, according to Pinterest 2018, a must-eat for vegans and vegetarians. It is similar in consistency to chicken meat and can be processed in the same way – you can fry, grill or stew it. The pulp is made in vegan curry as well as in colorful wok dishes and burgers. The ripe fruit is naturally also a pleasure – especially in sweet desserts.

The flavor update: the new way to season

When it comes to the latest food trends, Hanni Rützler and her annual Food Report can not be missing. For the coming year, the trend researcher predicts “New Flavoring” as a major theme. Taste is viewed from a biotechnical side to understand flavor development, to understand tastes and thus to derive new types of flavoring. How can you do this? Be brave and experiment with the ingredients from your spice rack or go even to the search for new spices you did not know before.

Green cabbage may be retired. It’s seaweed season

According to Baum & Whiteman the green cabbage hype is over. That is, it has to produce new green stuff, which can now occupy its prominent place on Instagram, Pinterest and Co. We advocate for kelp. It is good not only in popular ramen, but also on pancakes or in oils and salts, which in turn give pasta new flavor.

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Utopia or reality? Vegetable growing under water

Hanni Rützler sees not only our spice world in upheaval but also the cultivation of vegetables. This is the keyword aquaculture. Herbs and vegetables could be grown in the sea in the near future. The aim here is sustainable vegetable cultivation, which allows for a lower water consumption by cultivation directly in the water. Perhaps this type of cultivation can already be implemented extensively in 2018.

Meatless meat – the butcher of the future

Meat is becoming a secondary issue and the number of vegans and vegetarians is growing steadily. The industry also reacts to this and develops more and more concepts on how meat can be mimicked in a refined way. The Sterling-Rice Group is therefore forecasting that there will soon be more and more vegetable butchers who can make ham, meatballs and steak out of chickpeas, lentils, mushrooms, etc., and offer them in a classic butcher environment. Sounds crazy and exciting at the same time!

The new Quinoa: Kaniwa

Quinoa is nice and good, but a little variety on the grain front would not be bad either. According to The Food People, Kaniwa could be the solution. Similar to Quinoa, the Kaniwa seeds are derived from a fox’s tail and are thus also gluten-free. In contrast to Quinoa, Kaniwa does not have to be rinsed before cooking, but can be cooked directly. It tastes good in salads, hot dishes and also as a sweet breakfast and provides you with abundant nutrients. Kaniwa is definitely worth a try!

Fresh food on the go: Sushi Burrito

From now on, you can enjoy your sushi on the go. Without sticks directly on the hand. Norfolk, rice, fish and vegetables are simply a big part – just like Mexican burritos. Simple, refined, practical – you would have had to come much earlier!

Are you already cooking Sous Vide?

Like so many trends, the cooking method Sous Vide is basically nothing new and especially in gastronomy has long been commonplace. This year, according to the trend, the trend is still pushing forward and conquering our kitchens. No wonder delicate fish and meat can not be prepared. But you also get fruits and vegetables under vacuum to the point.

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