18 Popular Food Trends to Follow In 2019

, new trend for a new food… the world of food, cooking and gastronomy moves! But what does the new year reserve for consumers? Here are our 18 main food trends to follow in 2019. Talking oven, temple of , new pork butchers, travel cakes, real , , biodiversity, no plastic… Are you ready to adopt these culinary trends? Your health may depend on it.Popular Food Trends 2019

The “super” supermarkets

Supermarkets change era and follow the trend. Betting on the evolution of consumer consumption patterns, Naturalia has opened three vegan-only addresses in and Vincennes, while Franprix inaugurates the Noé concept, with an alternative offer: organic, vegan, bulk and . self-service picking. At Casino and Leclerc, less daring, but a commitment to taste. The first distributes the brand Etienne Guichard Perrachon and the second creates an exclusive collection “The origin of taste”, developed with the cooking school Ferrandi. On the menu: a salmon smoked with string, a jamon ham, jams, chocolates…

The new temples of tastePopular Food Trends 2019

Fighting titans in the world of delicatessen… La Grande Épicerie rive droite opened last November rue de Passy in a beautiful setting of 2600 m2 on three levels, instead of the old department store Franck & Son. Right bank always, Spring enters the battle of new with its future “Spring of Taste”. His arguments: , Gontran Cherrier and Akrame Benallal. Côté Marais, Maison Plisson announces the opening of its second address in May. Its 1,200 m2 will be enriched with a family restaurant open 7 days a week, a ” snack lounge””And a corner for utensils… Finally, the arrival of the large Italian Eatalygrocery is still promised for 2019 in the . The consumer just has to try them…

The oven that talks to foodPopular Food Trends 2019

The cooking revolution will take place in… 2019, but the technology is already in place and the first ovens will be marketed by Miele in Germany in 2019. This is not yet another marketing gesture whose brands have the secret, but a real innovation that opens the way – including competition – to a culinary turn. The Dialog Oven Miele is a sort of hybrid combining traditional heat and electromagnetic waves. Interest? It communicates literally with food, adapting in real time for each of them the frequency and the power of the waves for a custom cooking. And this, in half the time of a traditional oven… A new food trend that the consumer will soon not be able to do without.

Taste the “nature wine”Popular Food Trends 2019

A term that reflects the philosophy of the winemaker. Experts agree that it is a high wine without chemical or synthetic inputs and containing a minimum of sulphites. The biodynamic wines and some organic wines fall into this category of wines”authentic and alive.” Isabelle Legeron has just published a book on the subject: Nature wine at Eyrolles (€ 24.90). Holder of the Master Of Wine (they are only three in France), it is one of the most infuente specialists in the world. All the more reason to be interested in these products.

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The “faux-mages” or vegan cheesesPopular Food Trends 2019

From vegetarianism to veganism there is only one step, often difficult to cross. To remove the meat still passes, but to give up the cheese… Like fake vegetable steaks, which look like the real ones, here comes the time of the faux-mages or vromages. These are lactofermented oleaginous purées that try to imitate our classics with raw milk! Sébastien Kardinal, inventive cook, creator of the French vegan reference website ( VG-Zone.net ), offers some recipes in his book My little (to the editions La Plage, 9, 95 €). Camembert, fondant goat cheese, Auvergne blue, Avesnes dumpling… We will have to start this new food trend if we want to feed the 9 billion inhabitants announced for 2050 without ruining the planet…

Respect agriculturePopular Food Trends 2019

Animal suffering, strangled farmers, tampered food… Consumers no longer want the production system imposed on them. Since 2016, the brand Who’s the boss ?! proposes to pay producers at the right price for their product. A price calculated by consumers who agree to pay more to guarantee, for example, the origin of milk, a longer grazing time, a GMO-free diet, a decent wage for the farmer. The success is such that Monoprixdecided to switch all its brand-name milk under the label “Who’s the boss ?!”, which represents 15 million liters of milk a year! Today, we can all do the same thing by voting for other consumer products: cheese, butter, pasta… Just go to lamarqueduconsommateur.com

The super-juice detoxPopular Food Trends 2019

The detox trend continues to rise. The brands follow each other and… multiply the tempting promises for the consumer, in particular the pasalisation, a technique of cold extraction which makes it possible to preserve all the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Newcomers are called PAF or Green4you. Detox goal displayed for the first with tasty juices to be drunk in cures of 21 days. A taste for Green4you, a young brand established in Finistère that offers 6 recipes made by Michelin-starred chef Loïc Le Bail. The Wow brand, meanwhile, launched with its Lively Water rangethe first drinks based on microorganisms in France. Good for health, each bottle contains up to 1 billion good bacteria that preserve the intestinal flora. It’s bubbling!

Change oilPopular Food Trends 2019

Coconut oil is used in everyday consumer products: a coco-mango vinaigrette under the beautiful brand La Tourangelle and canned tuna with coconut oil will be released in 2019 at Fish4Ever. In margarines, exit palm oil which combines the defects (deforestation and risk of cardiovascular diseases…). At Fruit d’Or, we innovate with a margarine oil Allanblanckia, a tropical African tree, previously used for its wood rather than for its seeds. 100% trendy.

The travel cakePopular Food Trends 2019

The travel cake is rooted in great pastry chefs. At the Garenne-Colombes, Nicolas Bernadé, a pioneer in the field, sells his pocket cakes to consumers in pretty metal boxes: chocolate pistachio chips, or caramel. In Nantes, Vincent Guerlais slips layers of ganache and creams of fruit for more mellowness. In his future shop in the rue de Varenne in Paris, “Cakes of emotions”, Philippe Conticini will sell lemon cake balls and crioches (crossing of the croissant and brioche )… In fact, it is us who Let’s go for the trip for these products!

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New pork butchersPopular Food Trends 2019

We must expect to see a new category of craftsmen proud of their profession emerge. Two best workers from France charcutiers opened the ball in Paris. Arnaud Nicolas Bourdonnais avenue (7th) excels in the manufacture of haute couture pâtés: poultry pie and foie gras like a galette, pork pie in the form of kouglof, terrine grandmother… Pascal Joly and his son Florian, rue de Cambronne (15th), also work in the rules of the art: choice of fresh products, home bottoms that cook hours without conservative, neat decor… Hence the name of “pastry meats”.

Cook the purple; the trend color in 2018Popular Food Trends 2019

The company Pantone, world reference color charts, imposed its trend by electing the color of the year. The 18-3838, a blue-based purple hue looks like “an intuitive color that makes us go forward,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. In the kitchen, where will we get this bunch of vegetables that shoot on purple: aubergines, carrots, purple cabbage, purple micro-sprouts and vitelottes in purple dress?

The water that is eatenPopular Food Trends 2019

It is a bubble of 4 cl of water, the equivalent of one sip, solidified by a mixture of gelatin and calcium. It can be drunk by piercing the membrane or swallowing it whole… Inspired by a process patented by the food giant Unilever, the project is supported by a London start-up founded by three students, including a French. Ooho is still in prototype state, but wins a large membership on social networks: 75 million views on YouTube! Ambition? Replace plastic bottles with bunches of bubbles held in a biodegradable envelope. Oh oh !

A complete meal… to drink!Popular Food Trends 2019

What do we see that we have changed times? In the 90s, meal replacements were designed to lose weight, today they are made to save time. In the United States, the start-up Solyent led the way in 2014 with a consistent and tasteless drink to cover all nutritional needs. The start-up Feed has launched the French version, caring about taste, inevitably… On the menu (from € 3.10 per meal ): chocolate, red fruits, coffee and even Provencal tomatoes, ceps, or vegetables from the garden. We tested this bottle of a new kind to drink cold and shake violently to avoid lumps. Not terrible, but satiating. Their facebook page is however full of encouragement: sign of the times…

The sacred Neapolitan pizzaPopular Food Trends 2019

Who has not seen a Neapolitan pizzaiolo working does not know Italy. The shaping of the dough, the palpate-rolling, the way to turn the pizza like a frisbee, the technique of cooking in the wood oven… This unique know-how is a living show that has just been recognized as a art by Unesco. The Neapolitan pizzaiolo entered the Intangible World Heritage of Humanity on December 9, 2017, and with it, a whole section of popular Italian culture, superbly incarnated by Sophia Loren In The Gold of Naples, by Vittorio de Sica.

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The fruity chocolatePopular Food Trends 2019

The world of chocolate has gone from black and white to color. Last fall, two big names in the chocolate industry made the buzz with their creations. At Valrhona, Inspiration is a blend of cocoa butter, sugar and fruit, available in three flavors: passion, strawberry and almond. At , Rubis is made with a cocoa bean with a fruity taste that gives it a soft pink color. These new fruity products should soon flood the market. A pink chocolate pie for 6 people please!

Defending biodiversityPopular Food Trends 2019

Defend biodiversity? A trend that should be and above all remain so for a long time… Since 1981, a decree blocks the sale of seeds that are not listed in the official catalog of large seed companies (the Gnis). Clearly, farmers have the right to use and exchange seeds of their choice, but not sell them, while they can market the vegetables that come from it! The kind of nonsense lobbies have the secret. Carrefour has made a strong commitment to this “forbidden market”. The group has an agreement with an association of Breton producers for the distribution of a dozen rare vegetables. The initiative has the merit of raising awareness, but it can also cringe from a craftsman of standardization. And it is still a drop in the ocean of biodiversity to defend: 75% of edible varieties have disappeared in less than a century… Continue the fight!

The “batch”: prepare the weekend, assemble the week!Popular Food Trends 2019

Another English name to defend what could simply be called “common sense in your kitchen”. The principle is to cook at once for 2 or 3 hours every meal of the week. You save time by tackling all peeling and cooking tasks, you save money by shopping at one time and you eat healthy without having to make ready meals easy. D-day, it remains only to assemble the bases, to add spices and condiments and to finalize the cooking! Anne Loiseau gives you the instructions for use in her book The Batch Cooking Revolution(Larousse, € 12.90). New food trend or new way of organizing? We let you judge.

Reduce our consumption of plasticPopular Food Trends 2019

Heated, especially at high temperatures and in the presence of fat, plastic and its toxic substances migrate into food. This is true for all containers, but also for the plastic film, which must be removed before reheating food in the microwave. Also sort through your boxes and cutting boards. As their surfaces deteriorate, nanoparticles migrate into food. Privilege bulk purchase and storage in glass jars. And when it comes to replacing utensils, choose other materials such as stainless steel, glass, ceramics, terracotta (without paint or varnish) and porcelain.

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