These Are 14 Food Trends That Await You For 2018

The US supermarket chain and The Association, a trade association formed by local producers, importers and entrepreneurs, have just published their annual reports of food trends that will sweep in trends for 2018

Amazon – owner of Whole Foods – consulted global experts, from sommeliers to meat specialists, while The convened its panel to track what foods we will obsess about next year. In general, this panel detected that there will be more vegetable proteins and products aimed at reducing food waste , as well as the growth in the use of functional ingredients such as activated charcoal.

Fortunately, although a percentage of consumers do not understand why they are fed with certain products, many of these trends that are approaching are related to health and consumption that is friendlier to the environment.

1. Vegetable ProductsVegetable Products

Whole Foods and The Specialty Food Association predict that there will be an increase in products made with plants, especially those in the dairy aisle. That’s right, more milk and cheese made with almonds, rice, coconut, macadamia nuts, soybeans or whatever you like, but completely away from animals.

2. FlowersFlowers foods

If you have drunk lavender kombucha and ordered cocktails with herbal infusions, then in 2018 you will be very happy. Whole Foods indicates that lavender, jamaica flower, rose and especially elderberry will be sources of aromas and flavors of food and drinks.

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3. MushroomsMushrooms

Flat whites, frapp├ęs, cold brew and coffee with mushrooms? Whole Foods suggests that mushrooms such as reishi and chaga will get into everything we eat, from smoothies and teas, to products for body care.

4. Middle Eastern foods

The cardamom and flavorful blends like Zaatar and harissa will debut to become the basic spices of any kitchen. The Specialty Food Association hopes that these Persian, Israeli, Moroccan, Syrian and Lebanese influences will reach the top in 2018.

5. TacosTacos

At some point Taco Bell launched a taco without an omelette, replacing it with a fried egg. We know that this gringo chain of “tacos” is dedicated to experimenting with this classic of Mexican cuisine, however, it will not be a passenger. The tendency to wrap any food in something other than the traditional tortilla will be increasingly evident.

6. Light snacksLight snacks

The fried and salty snacks to calm the craving between meals are a thing of the past. Now, the market offers healthier alternatives where vegetables and cereals are the foods that lead this trend.

7. Filipino cuisineFilipino cuisine

While Asian cuisine is in vogue, The Specialty Food Association notes that American palates have become more sophisticated and are leaning towards the complex flavors and sour or bitter notes of Filipino dishes, giving way to their rise.

8. Root to stemRoot to stem

The only reason why you should not eat the leaves and stems of your vegetables is because they are part of a nutritious compost to feed the earth, otherwise, you have to devour the whole vegetable, it is edible and delicious. Now chefs get creative using roots and stems of vegetables, reducing food waste and exploring new flavors.

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9. Superfood powdersSuperfood powders

The matcha and turmeric lattes were a great success this year for their flavor, but particularly for their healthy properties, seen as an elixir of nutrients. The Specialty Food Association also notes that activated carbon is taking off as a superfood thanks to its detoxification attributes and attractive black color. As these foods there will be many in 2018, well pulverized to mix them in any product.

10. Transparency

Beyond the non-genetically modified, organic, fair trade and free-grazing livestock products, consumers are demanding information that explains the origin of their food, from how it is grown until the time it reaches its kitchen.

11. Sugar alternativesSugar alternatives

According to The Specialty Food Association, consumers continue to look for alternative but, above all, natural sweeteners. The rejection of ultra-industrialized products offers the opportunity for consumers to explore foods that provide the flavors and textures that they naturally seek.

12. Traditional breadTraditional bread

After the celiacs raised their voices about the digestive problems caused by the bread in the box, all the consumers and lovers of bread began to pay attention to the preparation of their daily bread. Now, the bakers are using local grains and made at the time.

13. Cannabis mealsCannabis meals

Already with eight states that legalized the recreational use of marijuana in the United States, The Specialty Food predicts the increase of marijuana infusions in heaps of food, both those that you can buy in stores or the diffusion of recipes to make them at home.

14. Gasified drinksGasified drinks

The image of carbonated drinks has taken a healthy turn in recent years as you can combine the refreshing of any drink with the pleasant bubbles without involving huge amounts of sugar. By 2018 the bubbles will continue to reproduce in any type of drink, coffee, tea and cocktails that you can drink in the busy mornings even in the celebration toasts.

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