13 Gastronomic Trends of 2019

This 2019 will be marked by the trend toward healthy, conscious eating and local and organic consumption. The cuisine of the world and exotic ingredients are still present and the novelties revolve around new gastronomic concepts that invade home cooking.

After the success of the post on of 2018, I return this year with nothing more and nothing less than 13 gastronomic trends for this 2019.

As I said in the previous post, I am not a guru on the subject, but since so much of my work revolves around the , and my vein as a market researcher is still latent, this is a good opportunity to share my experiences, discoveries and bets of the dishes, flavors and concepts that will be a trend this year.

I do not go longer with the introduction because the good comes down, come with this interesting list of gastronomic trends for this 2019!

And if you have doubts, comments or would like to bet on a gastronomic trend for this year that I have not mentioned, do not hesitate to leave me a comment

1) #RealfoodGastronomic Trends for 2019

With hashtag included. #Realfood is one of the trends that will invade social networks this year 2019. Under the slogan “more market and less supermarket”, and sta trend is in line with buying “more real” food, raw, consuming foods in your state more natural as possible.

In line with this trend is to buy local, consume organic products and proximity, in order to reduce the chain of purchase and be friendlier to the environment.

2) Insanity continues for Gastronomic Trends for 2019

Some years ago, the specialty coffee arrived in the most cosmopolitan cities of the world with the intention of becoming a place and attracting the attention of coffee lovers, and apparently it has succeeded.

Not everyone can prepare a rich coffee, which is why the concept of barista is heard more and more frequently and are increasingly requested in gourmet cafes.

The professional specialized in high is called a barista. He is responsible for creating new and different beverages based on coffee using different types of milk, essences, liquors and ingredients. They are also generally experts in presenting coffee in a creative and artistic way.

Although the madness for coffee in some cases has gone a bit far (as not remember the avolatte ) the current trend is to find new mixtures and add new ingredients to coffee such as turmeric, spirulina, seeds, mushrooms and egg in order to enhance its flavor and get more nutritious and energetic coffees.

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And although it sounds crazy, I can say that the egg coffee (coffee with egg) that I tried several years ago in Vietnam turned out to be a delicious surprise.

3) The boom of and dessertsGastronomic Trends for 2019

Healthy lifestyle is fashionable. And as a result of this a whole stream of healthy snacks and desserts has arisen from which you will surely already have hooked. The vegan and healthy bakery has also made its own and is bursting with increasing force in pastry shops and home-made pastries.

Eye here, do not be fooled by the big brands and the that label their products under the concept of “healthy”. What is healthy is precisely to use less in desserts, replace the sugar by natural sweeteners and add vegetables and to the sweet preparations to enhance its texture and flavor (I have already made twice a chocolate brownie and beetraga ( beet) that has been really amazing!).

On the other hand healthy snacks are the new star of the moment “between meals”. This trend is related to the consumption of nutritious snacks such as nuts and fresh fruit with an original touch such as the inclusion of spices and seeds and techniques such as dehydration and baking to give some examples.

4) Season cocktailsGastronomic Trends for 2019

During the last years we have seen the professionalization and the boom of the cocktail industry.

My bet this year is on seasonal cocktails, classic and contemporary cocktails based on seasonal fruits and vegetables, following the reference of what has happened in recent years in gastronomy.

5) Algae, flowers and sproutsGastronomic Trends for 2019

Another of my bets for this 2019 are the algae. The valuation and the increase in the consumption of algae such as wakame, spirulina, agar agar, nori and cochayuyo have begun to be noticed little by little. In recent years, novel products have emerged on the market based on these algae accompanied by a discourse on properties and benefits for health.

Edible and sprouted flowers go hand in hand with the trend of healthy and organic food. First they began to be used frequently in restaurants to decorate dishes of and in the last time their consumption has expanded until arriving little by little to the homemade kitchen.

6) Mindfulness (mindfoodness)Gastronomic Trends for 2019

“Let your medicine be food, and your food be medicine” Hippocrates

A trend that comes with force is the conscious diet also known as mindfoodness, which has to do with the way we relate to the food we eat ; understand about their origin, know how to select them, learn about the best way to cook them and their benefits for our body. A trend that goes in line with the healthy and with the search of the balance between body and mind through what we eat every day.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the origin of food, and in the same line they ask for transparency in the labeling of products to be able to be properly informed about their origin, and composition and the processes by which they have been developed.

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7) Horizons expand in the kitchen: exotic ingredientsGastronomic Trends for 2019

In line with the previous trend, and thanks to the era of globalization, it is possible to find more and more products and ingredients from the other side of the world.

Vegetables and fruits such as bimi, Chinese cabbage, red chard, açaí, rambutan, pitahaya, shiitake and shimeji mushrooms, among many others, are beginning to be known and used more frequently. Also spices such as madagascar peppers, shichuan, jamaica and kamput, ras el hanout, harissa and garam masala begin to be used frequently in western cuisines.

On the other hand increases the range of legumes and cereals, being possible to access ingredients such as: lentils of all colors (red, yellow, green), azuki, poroto (Jewish) mung, amaranth, millet, maca, spelled and flax from all over the world.

8) Restaurants on the street (haute cuisine )Gastronomic Trends for 2019

Several years ago the concept of street food has gained ground and followers in all parts of the world. What used to be considered street food is now a culinary phenomenon, where it is possible to find delicious and interesting gastronomic proposals on the street.

The so-called foodtrucks have found their place in all kinds of events, parks and streets in the world. And the new guests at the party are the haute cuisine restaurants. High quality restaurants (and price) that do not want to be left out of this successful fashion / trend and bet to go out on the street with a “street” version of their haute cuisine dishes. Undoubtedly an interesting bet to bring high standard cuisine to street foodies.

In this same line, many restaurants (and chefs) of haute cuisine are creating a chic and cheap version of their restaurants taking advantage of their reputation to approach a different consumer who is looking for signature cuisine at affordable prices.

9) Culinary GlobalizationGastronomic Trends for 2019

A few years ago the trend in Europe was Asian cuisine, today Latin American cuisine is a trend. Ceviches, arepas, pisco sour and michelada mexicana (to name but a few) are in full culinary heyday, with more and more restaurants that include dishes from the Latin continent at their menus.

While in Latin America the trend is Middle Eastern cuisine ; kebabs, hummus, babaganush, shakshuka and falafels begin to sound with increasing force.

On the other hand, when looking for a destination to travel, the country’s gastronomy is increasingly taken into account. While before it was very little relevant, today try local cuisine and have experiences around this is a must.

10) The new superpowers: homemade fermented and pickledGastronomic Trends for 2019

I had already talked about the fermented in the trends of 2017, but I include them again since they seem to have come to stay, and not only in restaurants, now also at home.

Although in many gastronomic cultures the fermented ones have been present throughout the centuries (like the sauerkraut in several European countries and the kimchi in Korea) it is not until today (and thanks to the gastronomic globalization) that they have begun to consume in other parts of the world spread by its health benefits (such as its incredible digestive power).

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Pickling (in salt or in vinegar), on the other hand, is one of the oldest food preservation processes that exist and, due to its characteristics, allows maintaining the qualities of food for several months. Vegetables are the most popular pickles, but this practice can be extended to several types of foods.

It is possible to carry out both processes in a homemade way, a practice that has more and more followers.

11) Trash Cooking and Batch Cooking: the gastronomic concepts that you will see everywhereGastronomic Trends for 2019

Surely you’ve heard of at least some of them and if not, get ready, because soon you’ll see them everywhere.

The trash cooking consists of taking advantage of everything we have in the kitchen with the aim of reducing waste and contributing to the environment.

This is undoubtedly an excellent trend that invites us to be more aware of what we buy, what we consume and what we throw away. It also invites us to be more creative in the kitchen, using what we have available before it goes bad.

On the other hand batch cooking is a method to save time and eat healthier. The idea is to dedicate one day a week (2 to 4 hours) to make several “base” dishes that can be frozen and / or saved for the whole week. It is a method of organization and planning very effective for those who do not have time during the week to cook.

12) Love for the flavors of Japan and Korea continuesGastronomic Trends for 2019

First it was the sushi, then the ramen boom, and the story continues…

The flavors of Japan continue to reach the West and we begin to see that the Japanese food supply is expanding. Both sweet and savory dishes (such as mochis, doroyakis, sukiyakis and yakitoris) invade little by little Japanese food restaurants and some street food stalls in the most cosmopolitan cities.

The flavors of Korea also begin to arrive with force. Kimchi (fermented Chinese cabbage), kombucha and Korean barbecues have ceased to be complete strangers to enter the kitchens of fusion and Asian specialty restaurants.

13) “Grandma’s kitchen” is backGastronomic Trends for 2019

In line with the tendency to return to the origin, there is a special interest in rescuing family traditions, bringing the family around the table and cooking dishes that seemed forgotten.

A nice trend that goes hand in hand with the power of home cooking to gather and unite family and friends.

What did you think about the trends of this 2019? Which one catches your attention the most? Would you add any to the list? I invite you to leave a comment and share it with your friends if you found this post interesting.

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